Career Advice for a Graduate Fresher

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Career Advice for a Graduate Fresher

After you have completed your college education, you will have to prepare yourself for a career in a particular field. You must assess your strengths and weaknesses and check for the options that promise a bright future. It is important to be clear about your interests and choose a field where your skills can be best utilized. Once you’ve chosen a career path, you will be required to put in a lot of effort to land a good job. You will have to create a resume and send requests for recommendation letters with the hope that your record will present you with good opportunities.

There will be hundreds of qualified graduates just like you, and many will be vying for the same position in an organization. Students get very anxious towards the end of their college life as entering into the shoes of a working person seems like a massive step forward in their lives. It is important that you attend job recruitment programs conducted on your campus so as to have an idea about what the job market looks like. You will also have to hone your communication and networking skills as they will help you a great deal. You must know how to market yourself to potential employers in order to be part of their workforce.   

Building your marketable experiences

When you create a resume, you will have to mention your skills in the particular field you are applying for. These are the skills you would have picked up from college. You will have a good chance of impressing potential employers if you bring your experiences from college and combine them with earnestness during interviews. Make sure that you conduct yourself in a professional manner and speak confidently. Your resume must have an attractive design, and you must mention all the important details of your educational life. You must also mention your experiences in internship programs and your skills related to the job. The most important thing is to convince recruiters that you are the best option for the job. To do so, you must tell them how hiring you will benefit the company.  

Employers look for certain qualities such as leadership, commitment and perseverance in candidates. In-depth knowledge of the particular field is also very important as it makes up for your lack of experience. Make sure that you do a research on the details of the job and go through the important aspects of your education so as to be well-prepared for the interview. You may surprise recruiters when you showcase a solid command over the know-how related to that particular job, whether it is business, engineering, design or marketing. You must also exude enthusiasm while you’re in the interview room. This will make the recruiters notice your interest in the job.        

Establishing connections

Your university is filled with useful resources. Utilise them and try establishing contacts with experienced people in an industry as they could prove very important. You can make important connections with student organizations related to the field, professors who deal with related disciplines or visit professionals working in the industry.  

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