How to choose effective and powerful title while writing articles

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to choose effective and powerful title while writing articles

Writers have never been taught to use good titles. It’s something, which they learn by themselves. If you have to present a point, you tend to make your first sentence attractive, probably like a pitch. But people like us, who belong to the writers club, have started to take article titles for granted. We believe that we will come up with any sentence, and paste it right at the top as a headline, and it will work. 

When I was working in the marketing firm, selling financial products, the first thing I was taught was to get the first sentence right when meeting a client. The first sentence decides whether your potential client will allow you to speak further. If you mess up with your first sentence, then you are probably gone, if you manage to get it right somehow, the onus then lies with the client, and he might let you speak further. But if you get it perfect, then that sentence becomes an effective and powerful tool, and leaves the client with no choice, but he decides to listen more from you. 

That is exactly true when writing articles. Your title, which is the first sentence in the article, has to be dynamic. It should be such that it leaves no choice for the reader, but he gets his eye below the fold to read more of the content. 

Understand the topic 

Successful writers begin their quest for a good title by understanding the topic they want to write upon. The title should be a teaser. Sometimes writers write an article, and then choose the title, which is absolutely wrong. And I can tell you why. If you do that, then your article is detached from the title and your title lacks the essence of your article theme. 

Prepare a virtual outline of the topic, and you will get a good title idea, at least you will know what the article title should contain. 

Understand your target audience 

If you are writing an article, you should write for someone. You should not write just for the sake of writing. More often than not writers write for their clients, and they carry that attitude in their writings. If you have that kind of an attitude, you will sacrifice a good article title. Looking at your audience will give you a perfect idea for a good article headline. The title should address the target audience. 

The use of vocabulary 

Your knowledge of the vocabulary also helps you to find the right title. Some words tend to weigh more than other synonyms.  The words or phrases you use in the title should have an element of assertion. Even controversial and provoking phrases in the headline can cause a stir, which is perhaps good for the article.

The use of keywords in the title

Using keywords in titles is a practice that is commonly used for SEO purpose. At least that’s what most of the online writers tend to believe. However, keywords in the title give you direction. Right keywords may help your article to get noticed, but most importantly, it helps you to carve out an effective and powerful title. 

Asks questions in the form of titles

Some say, headlines that ask questions are likely to be responded. Human nature likes to answer back. Studies have shown that questions make human beings alert. It challenges us. It also makes human beings more curious to know the answers. Titles that ask questions are more likely to be researched upon. 


No matter how you go about it, the bottom line is that you have to get the title and write an article related to the title.

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