SAP Business Management Software

Monday, September 10, 2012

SAP Business Management Software

SAP is an international software developer that has been creating business solutions for the past 40 years. Their business management software packages focus on streamlining business practices through managing financial performance, facilitating customer engagement and accelerating logistics. They have multiple business management software options available for companies of different sizes.

Supported Industries

SAP focuses on 11 different industries: finance, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, procurement, R&D and engineering, sales, service, supply chain and sustainability. All of the options listed below can be utilized in different ways by each of these industries, and SAP also makes extremely specialized software, including aerospace and defense industry solutions.

Small and Medium Enterprises

SAP has three different business management software solutions for small and medium enterprises (SME). Each is priced to attract businesses that have a small to medium-sized budget.

1.) SAP Business One: Business One is SAP's basic business management software, and it is geared towards new small business owners. The software enables small businesses to automate their accounting and financial processes, track inventory, automate their procurement process, utilize opportunity management to satisfy their customers and receive instant access to all of their data from anywhere.

2.) SAP Business All-in-One Solutions: The All-in-One solutions are industry specific, and they are geared towards SMEs that are experiencing growth. The All-in-One package provides SME businesses with operational and financial analysis tools, management functions for HR, operations, accounting, corporate services and financials, streamlined sourcing and procurement and tools to improve customer relationships.

3.) SAP Business ByDesign: Business ByDesign was developed for SMEs and the subsidiaries of larger firms. It enables SME owners to access their important data from anywhere, including mobile devices. It also provides integrated reporting and analytics, streamlining solutions for your end-to-end business processes and tools to increase the speed and productivity of your HR, procurement, supply, financial and customer relationship processes.

Specialized Software

In addition to the software packages listed above, SAP also offers a wide range of software solutions that are built for specific aspects of business. They have three main categories: business process applications, analytics and technology.

Which Option is best for My Business?

If you are the owner of an SME and you want to get a comprehensive, all-in-one program, then the Business ByDesign software is a great option. Due to SAP's large list of options, however, the best way to pick out the right software package or specialized solution is to discuss your company's needs with a SAP representative. 

Their business structure gives them the ability to create packages that contain all of the different solutions that will best suit your business. In addition to their software, SAP also offers their customers different levels of support to assist with the implementation and usage of whichever software packages they select.

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