10 Ways to Attract Visitors to your site

Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Ways to Attract Visitors to your site

A person will find purchasing sites much easier than bringing visitors to the site. A simple purchase of domain name is just the beginning, though, choosing a domain name can make a lot of difference to the traffic that the site eventually receives; yet, a site has to follow the principles of article marketing to receive growing traffic over a period of time. Here are 10 ways to attract more visitors to the site.
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  •      Add fresh contents to the site: It is the most significant effort a site owner needs to make in order to receive visitors. He should feed new and fresh contents, so that visitors are always able to find something new. Adding contents is one of the most crucial ways of article marketing. It keeps a reader excited, and he wants to visit the site again. 

    •     Add comments on different websites: Develop a habit of peeping through different websites. Leave comments, and post links to redirect visitors back to the site. It helps create back links. However, it is important that comments should be healthy, and should not appear as a spam. 

    •   Create back links: Website owners should write articles for popular article directories, and leave a back link to their site. This process of article marketing is considered very authentic and generates high page rank for sites. Creating back links is a White Hat article marketing technique, and the method is widely used by top ranked sites.

    • The use of Meta tag: Many sites never give due importance to Mega tag. The use of Meta tag is the hidden trick to gain traffic, often missed by site owners. A relevant Meta tag, right below the site’s heading will throw sites on top of search results.

    • Join social networking sites: Popular social networking sites are a platform for article marketing. Social networking sites can help a site owner get new friends. Social networking sites such as facebook and twitter have been used as an article marketing platform by many popular sites to gain new visitors. The concept of social networking enhances article marketing, and often leads to increasing flow of visitors to the site.

    • Join forums: Remember some forums have a very high page rank. Every forum allows a back link in the signature box, and thereby helps in the process of article marketing. A site owner should join a forum and post his site’s link in the signature box to gain consistent traffic. However, he should remain active in the forum to help his site gain serious traffic.

    • Plant keywords in the content:  A 2-4% keyword in the content is the best process of article marketing, and can help sites to fall on top page of search engines for the search performed for the keyboard.

    • Submit the site to many search engines: The web is full of search engines, and therefore, submit the website to many search engines to get higher rank during search. 

    • Install RSS feeds: An RSS feed is a positive article marketing trend and help site owners to get traffic from the subscribed members. 

    • Email marketing: This form of article marketing may not always be effective, but it can always act as a teaser article marketing process and can generate decent traffic.

    Follow the article marketing tips and watch the traffic soar.  

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