EToro review

Sunday, November 21, 2010

EToro review

The web is full of Forex affiliate programs. Every program has something to offer, but remember, Forex trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. You are bound to commit mistakes, which may be financially devastating. 

However, if you prefer to choose the right Forex trading platform, you would end up stashing enough in your coffer. 
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Have you ever heard of eToro? 

·         For someone who had never invested a pie in Forex trade, eToro should be the first. Etoro trading platforms give the best practice for Forex trade. 

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·         A greenhorn would not just make money, but in the hindsight, there’s a decent chance that a beginner would take finer points of the trade.

·         Even professional Forex traders who make a living out of Forex currency transactions would be able to gain advantage on low pips. A two pip on the euro/dollar pair is considered as a supremely safe move.

Benefits of eToro

Though, there are many Forex trading programs, yet many consider their back on those and connect with eToro. 

·         If you look at the overall picture, the first obvious benefit from the trader’s point of view is the opportunity to start with a low investment. Imagine a sum of just $50 to start your Forex experience on a low spread is excellent and perfect. No one will ever hesitate to give such a paltry sum on the Forex pot.

·         It’s true that eToro enhances user experience. Forex trading on eToro trading platform would make you learn trade keys. You would be able to access video tutorials to learn how to get the most out of Etoro currency transactions. 

Join Forex forum on eToro, and if you are a greenhorn, you may even join Forex training classes and personal trading session.

·         There had been many complaints from brokers about the efficiency of implementation of closing and buying cost. The business do get conducted so fast that you may jump the gun and beat the price, for which you may have been warned to trade your currency. You would never come across such problems with eToro; there is a lot of genuineness in how eToro work.

It gives you a clear realistic representation of Forex deals and provides liquidity of the highest order. A Forex newbie or an expert would find this eToro feature worth the penny spent on it.

Etoro competitors  

There is no shortage of eToro competitors. Some of them have given eToro a hard time and continually maintain a strong competition to eToro. does high volume of currency trade, but the company is suitable for highly intensified trader, who has enough experience to take a shot at high spread. The stakes are high at You are required to spend $500 for a mini account, and $5,000 for a standard account, which is on the higher side. 

Likewise, even GFT Forex also starts at $250, which is also a higher investment, comparatively to Etoro. Moreover, Etoro offer you a free practice account, and enables you to trade on live Forex figure, which is lacking in these two sites.

Pros and cons 

Etoro provides a user with many significant advantages.

·         The best advantage, which comes to the fore, is Etoro’s user friendly program and tools, which enables a user to understand the currency trade in the simplest manner.

·         Educational community at Etoro is hard to beat. It’s a fantastic way to socialize and learn few tricks of the trade.

·         List of trading option is also a distinctive feature of eToro Forex trading platform.

There are not many disadvantages associated with eToro as such, but since the investments are lower, eToro traders don’t feel the desire and passion to pursue tough trading. 

The eToro dealers have also complained that trading in eToro seem without any complexity, which may be beneficial for a newbie, but less of a challenge for an experienced campaigner.

What should Etoro do about this? Perhaps make the platform tougher for experienced traders.

Overall, the advantages of Etoro outweigh its disadvantages, and its simplicity should be an encouraging sign for beginners.

Author: Rajiv Sighamony


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