What role does CEO Coaches play in corporate world?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What role does CEO Coaches play in corporate world?

The role of CEO Coaches is gaining popularity in the corporate world. In US, CEO Coaches have already gained prominence; more and more American corporate firms have tasted the success of CEO coaching.

CEO coaching is gaining popularity in the Indian corporate sector, too. There are number of fortune 500 firms who now feel the significance of CEO coaching as an essential part of corporate success. Sadly enough, in India coaching is perceived as a rectifying process, where a manager had done a grave mistake, or repeated his mistakes more often. A coaching would then help him understand his mistakes, so that he steps into a correcting mode.

However, this attitude in the Indian corporate world is changing. CEO coaching is getting streamlined in the corporate world.

Is CEO coaching necessary?

The American firms give stress to coaching, as a process to reorganize goals. A CEO may often lose his vision in the high traffic of sales pressure, and company performance. A coaching would help him to understand his priority, and reassess his standing and goals.

There are times, when personal friction with a colleague may stand in the way of company’s success. A CEO coaching would help a person rework his goal, and keep side his personal ego, which may hamper the company growth. A CEO should learn to keep professional and personal vision on a separate platform.

A CEO Coach also refreshes your mind and thought process. Therefore, it’s no surprise when corporate spend thousands of dollar to hire a CEO Coach. A CEO Coach may charge anywhere above $100,000 annually to look after the coaching aspects in a corporate.

They are highly valuable, and CEO coaching had played a significant part in improving company as a brand. It has also helped CEO to tackle things with a better perspective, and thereby produce enhanced result for the company.

It is said that the money spent in CEO coaching by a firm is worth it.

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