2 million strollers are on its way back

Friday, October 22, 2010

2 million strollers are on its way back

Graco Children’s products Inc, the Atlanta stroller firm has decided to recall more than 2 millions strollers after reports have filtered in that the strollers have resulted in strangulation deaths.

The company says that the strollers pose a series threat to children. A faulty manufacturing process could be the reason for strangulation deaths.

Graco children’s products Inc decided to order stroller’s retrieval, after deaths have been reported. Apart from the deaths, it was also found that the strollers could entrap children in some cases.

Most of the strangulation death has been caused due to the falling of neck between the bottom seat, and stroller.

To avoid further entrapment and grievances to customers, Graco children’s products Inc has finally decided to recall its strollers from the market.

Most of the strollers, which have been manufactured between the years 2000- 2007, have been recalled.

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