Penthouse founder Bob Guccione is dead

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Penthouse founder Bob Guccione is dead

The man who shot to instant fame in 1960’s with the launch of a new magazine is no more, Bob Guccione is dead.

He was 79.

Penthouse founder Bob Guccione became popular as he launched Penthouse to counter another very popular playboy magazine. Huge Hefner’s playboy was one of the best magazines in the 1960’s, and Bob took the courage and launched Penthouse from nowhere.

The rise of Bob Guccione is equally exciting, as the man himself was. He took loan of $1,170 from a bank, and banked on his idea of a nudity magazine.

His magazine capitalized on a mailing list of pornographic pictures, which landed Bob Guccione on fines.

The magazine penthouse was an instant hit as it sold out all of the first issue of 1, 20, 000 copies in matter of days.

Bob Guccione went on to become one of the richest Americans in the 1980’s, and his story of success continued.

Penthouse used to be on the shelves in 16 countries. Bob was also the owner of a publishing house, General media, and it had a total of 16 magazines under its list.
However, his business later deteriorated amidst stiff competition, and indecisive moves.

Bob Guccione still remains one of the stories of a common man who attained billions in a short time through his shrewd business moves.

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