New career options for engineering professionals

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New career options for engineering professionals

Engineering is a field that keeps evolving over time and there have been a spurt in career options that engineering graduates can look at. These new career options have high potential and have great growth opportunities. Let’s look at seven new career options that modern day engineers can look at as options for their careers. 

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Building automation engineer: Home automation has been highly successful since its inception and it has led to a lot of opportunities being created for engineers and other professionals. Building automation engineers look after the home automation system implementation for organizations. Home automation can be very complicated and requires the sync of multiple appliances of a home with various controlling mechanisms and a centralized system, automation engineers often assist delivery teams in installation and oversee the implementation of these home automation services in homes and offices. 

Animatronics Technologist: Animatronics Technologists are responsible for the creation of mechanized beings and other creatures. Basically, engineers are responsible for recreating various imaginary or fictional creatures to life using various mechanical constructs and it is then used in movies, TV shows or even for advertisements and they become lifelike with special effects and editing. It is one of the most happening jobs that engineers can pick up and requires deep understanding of physics, calculus and robotics. 

Smartphone designer: Smartphones have been the rage since OS-es like Android and iOS hit the market and the smartphone market is about to hit 3.4 billion units of shipments in 2020. Smartphone designers are expected to better past smartphone designs and keep up with the industry demands for development of new gen smartphones for manufacturers. Both internals and externals are designed by smartphone designers to ensure efficient use of the form factor of devices. 

Biomedical engineering: Biomedical engineering is known to be a subset of engineering. It seeks to implement engineering to solve all kinds of biological and medical problems. Such engineers may work for healthcare facilities and also various medical technology firms. Such engineers are responsible for creation and development of devices and various new treatment procedures using technology for better and more efficient treatment. Niche jobs in this category include biomaterials and imaging.

Telecommunications Engineer: With the telecom industry growing exponentially, there has been a massive need for specialized professionals who can take care of the implementation of telecom services for both wired and wireless telecommunication services. Telecom engineers often are hired by organizations for looking after the service delivery of telecom solutions offered by the organizations or monitoring the internal communication networks of these organizations. While you can break into this industry at a technical level, it is also possible to get into the telecom industry at managerial level. There are many institutes that offer courses that help in such career transition.  

Environmental Control Engineer: Environmental control engineers come up with solutions that help in managing pollution and waste in residences, aircrafts, trains and even homes. In some cases teams of such engineers work in large factories or other such large scale project like treatment plants. They oversee the waste disposal and management in these firms. Typically such engineers are responsible for drafting waste management systems and successfully implementing them.

Robot Technician: Robot technicians are integral to robotics engineering and they are responsible for monitoring the internal functions of a robot. They are also responsible for conceptualizing new functionalities as well as designing new robots. Technicians also undertake repairs in case things go wrong and prolong the lifetime of robots. It requires a deep understanding of circuitry and robotics and requires top level engineers who can work efficiently. 

These are some of the modern career options that engineering professionals can look at. These career paths will mature over time as engineering is an ever developing field and newer options will open up over time.  

Author: Paresh Drake

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