Bloopers While Working Abroad: Avoid Coming Across as a Dumb Employee

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bloopers While Working Abroad: Avoid Coming Across as a Dumb Employee

It often happens that we are so overwhelmed having scored an employment offer in a corporation abroad, that the ‘after care’ to follow ends up getting overlooked. You might not agree, but that’s quite a human tendency to happen!

It’s true that you’ll have the time of your life, meet a zillion new people and make your career flourish amongst industry experts to maximize all growth prospects. But, there do stand a plethora of significant things to consider before you enter your new workplace in some foreign land. Discussed below are a set of few bloopers that might make you look dumb or na├»ve. Avoid these to help yourself from becoming a laughing stock amongst your peers!

Knowing Nothing About The Country

Yes, it does happen. A multitude of times employees happen to carry out their research about the industry impeccably well. Well, they’re so involved in the job profile and the duties it entails that the part where one has to find out about the country and its work culture gets skipped. For goodness sake, if you’re committed to working abroad, study before you work abroad!

Know as much about the country as you can. Right from the cultural difference to the surrounding countries, including the likes and dislikes of the local crowd, there’s so much you need to know. So, without further ado, study and save yourself from the cultural shock!

Thinking There Aren’t Any Local Rules To Follow 

Yes, things were done quite differently from the country you hail. Right from a totally different way to go about every social convention to a varied perspective towards things, a lot gets flipped upside down!

But, that doesn’t imply for you to disregard the local norms followed in the country completely. For instance, while working in Saudi Arabia, you might just get yourself arrested for drinking or smoking in the open. Passing out excuses like, ‘but I’m not from here’ won’t do any good. Plus, it might just happen that you happen to get a zillion funny looks from the local if bluntly challenging their norms. So, save yourself from the humor and get acclimatized to the regulations.

English Would Work Anyway

Say working abroad and half the world’s job seekers will talk about being proficient in English as a skill that will get them a job. Well, you might be wrong by a modicum, if thinking on the same line of thought. It’s true that if you’re not respecting or making an effort to learn a different language or culture, then your professional growth abroad might get stagnant.

Nobody expects you to be completely fluent with the new language, just learning a few greetings might do the drill. Practice during every chance you get, even if somebody is talking back to you in English. Communication serves as the prime bond that binds people together. So, without further ado, learn as much as you can!

Keeping Your Feet Back in the World You Came From

Homesickness is a natural thing to happen, agreed! But, reminiscing and being mentally involved with your homeland only won’t make you a successful professional in any country. It stands imperative to overcome the same

It often looks idiotic, if your peers advise you to explore the country further and there you stand, cribbing and complaining about how things worked for you back at home.

You never know, for what time this country’s going to play host. So stop sulking in a corner and make the most out it. There’s plenty this country has in store for you!

 Acting Like It’s Vacation and Going Broke

As you might comprehend, living somewhere is pretty different from being on a happy vacation. It’s fine that there are numerous places to be visited and so many things to be done, but spending money like water is no hack to it!

Employeeswith irregular jobs are most likely to fall under this category. So, be careful about your finances and enjoy your stay in the most economical way possible.

The Bottom Line: It’s a great experience to work abroad. Working on a few basics is all you need and these bloopers will never happen!

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn.


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