10 Quick tips on choosing the best ERP software for your firm

Thursday, August 20, 2015

10 Quick tips on choosing the best ERP software for your firm

Today, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has become an indispensable component of every business organization. Whether it's about improving the employee productivity, reducing the cost of operations or streamlining business processes, a perfect ERP software allows you to do all this and a lot more. But, the major question that arises here is that how do you determine which ERP software will suit your company's requirements in the best possible way. Through this post, I intend to share with you ten simple tips that will aid you in selecting the right ERP software for your enterprise. So, let's straightaway move on to learn more about these tips!
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  1. Evaluate whether the ERP software would serve as a good technical fit
Although, ERP software needs to focus on rapid enhancement of business profits, it is equally important to know whether the ERP software solution would align well with your current infrastructure. 

  1. Don't forget to review your key ERP Objectives
Prior to choosing particular ERP software for business improvement, it is an intelligent decision to check whether you have your current and future application requirements defined and documented clearly. Moreover, you also need to check whether there is a well-documented IT strategy for your business. 

  1. Get familiar with total cost associated with owning the ERP software
There is a huge majority of ERP software sales representative who downplay the risks and costs associated with purchase of ERP software. As an entrepreneur, it is recommended to uncover all the “hidden costs” related with the ERP software like hardware upgrades, software maintenance, implementation costing etc. With a detailed understanding of the total investment that you'll be expected to make, the process of managing your ERP budget would become a lot easier. 

  1. You can't afford to ignore the mobile users
With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and mobility gaining traction among leading industries across the globe, you can't afford to skip on choosing a mobile-friendly ERP solution. Hence, while short listing ERP software systems for your business firm, don't ignore the significance of selecting an ERP solution that allows users to be highly productive on their individual Smartphones and smart tablets. Additionally, it is also essential to ensure that all the sensitive details within the ERP system are secured against any infringements. 

  1. Check whether the ERP software is scalable or not
With profits and growth being the two main goals of every business, it is suggested to choose ERP software that can be conveniently upgraded to meet your ever-changing business requirements. Ensure that the ERP software is highly scalable to help you in making maximum profits. 

  1. Never get allured by a cheaply-priced ERP software
Vendors might try fooling you by offering you ERP software that is available at an affordable price. Never get carried away by special features and packages available with such ERP software. Instead, check out whether the ERP software will be able to provide you solutions for critical business operations. Examine the software's functionality to the fullest. 

  1. Focus on choosing a SaaS-based ERP software
Though the ERP market has been quite lazy in adopting SaaS solutions, now that it has, it is imperative to select ERP software that's enabled with SaaS features. Do note, SaaS-based ERP software comes with lower ownership cost, can be implemented easily and are easier to deploy as compared to the on-premise ERP solutions. 

  1. Gather the most suitable, genuine references
While shopping for a perfect ERP solution for your business, don't forget to ask the vendor for a minimum three genuine references. After gathering the references, get in to connect with the customers and speak to them about the things that went right and the ones that went wrong while using the ERP software under focus. Do remember if the vendor isn't able to provide you at least three verified satisfied customers, he/she may not be providing you the right ERP software.   

  1.  Check out whether the ERP Implementation plan proposed by the vendor is realistic or not
During the process of selecting ERP software, don't forget to discuss the ERP implementation plan with the vendor. Ensure that the same not only includes the tasks required for installing the software but even the activities that are essential for keeping the software tested, fully-functional and accepted by target users.  

  1. Check out the level of support and training available with the ERP software
Before finalizing the purchase of ERP software, don't neglect the importance of checking out the level of technical support and training that is available with the same. See to it whether your tech-savvy employees within different departments are rendered an opportunity to becoming resourceful for their fellow colleagues.      

A serious consideration of all the aforementioned tips will enable you to maximize the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) selection process. With the right ERP software at place, you can ascertain appropriate flow of information between multiple business functions. 

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Tyler Holt is a professional programmer with major interests in web technologies. Tyler has exposure in project implementation of crm software solutions , POS integration, erp software companies  and web application development. 

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