Top resume mistakes to avoid

Monday, March 10, 2014

Top resume mistakes to avoid

We all at some point of time in our career try to create a document, to list our academic and professional achievements to secure employment. Unfortunately, writing a resume is not that easy. Though, a resume contains only a summary of your past achievements, yet, it requires a certain level of knowledge and artistic build-up to create an attractive resume.

I often find it difficult to create different resumes for different companies, and it’s true even at a time when I was searching for jobs. Back then, I never came across resume building services, like you have so many now. Still, I was able to formulate my own policies in creating successful resumes. 

When you don’t have the expertise to create one, you start committing mistakes, which makes your resume look dull and unappealing. It is essential to understand the fact that the resume must be at your creative best. It is the window, which will help the appraiser look inside your room of past achievements. And if that window doesn’t open properly, the interviewer will not be able to get a glimpse of what he wants to look.

There have been many instances in the past, when the best candidate lost the opportunity to get the job, just because he failed to record his background in a correct manner. What are these mistakes you should avoid? Have a look. 

Bad grammar

It truly annoys an appraiser to find grammatical mistakes in a resume. Since, I sat in the chair of an interviewer many times in the past; I can safely say that grammatical mistakes, along with spelling mistakes look terribly bad on a resume. It gives an impression either you don’t give enough importance to the potential job opportunity, or you are too disorganized. Imagine when you bring that kind of mindset onto the table, I don’t think anyone can help you, least of all the appraiser.

Not placing information correctly

This is true for those who are applying for higher positions. Normally, you will have all your personal information right at the top, however, when you apply for a higher position, you need to list your experience at the top, starting with the company you work with, presently. There is certain logic to this practice. The appraiser will want to know more about your experience, and your current job description, rather than what your hobbies are or where you stay. Those can be read later.

Don’t make it large

A resume is generally shorter. When you speak of curriculum vitae as people call in some countries, it is quite large. The word resume generally denotes ‘short document’, therefore, make it concise. 

A resume which lacks conviction

Many job seekers don’t understand the value of a resume. That’s one reason, why resume lack the impact, which is so vital. If your resume gives an impression of a routine document, then it will be overlooked. 

Don’t send one resume everywhere

It is a common practice among job seekers to write one impressive resume, and then create several photocopies and send the same resume everywhere they apply for a job. It is undeniably a fantastic way to save few dollars, but a particularly harmful practice, which can keep you away from getting a job. Every company has a specific job requirement. 

One has to understand what the company wants, and then complete the details accordingly. The first resume you wrote hard could be for the position of sales executive, and then you also send the same resume for the post of a team leader. It can confuse the interviewer no ends, and it can even confuse you. 

Even after reading the above explanation, if you still don’t know how to write a proper resume. Hire a resume building services. They have got powerful tools to make things easier for you, and help you create a perfect one. 

By Rajiv Sighamony

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