MBA in Finance An Evergreen Specialization

Thursday, October 30, 2014

MBA in Finance An Evergreen Specialization

Any post graduate program holds an immense importance in a person’s career. Having a bachelor’s degree is at times not sufficient for guaranteeing a successful work life, as it gives you the basic theoretical knowledge of theories but lacks the practical expertise. One such post grad program which is universal and is usually on the list of everybody’s career chart is MBA. In this article, you will read about MBA in finance in detail.


Although MBA seems to be a very common program, it stills holds an eminent position in the short listing criteria of a number of companies. If you too are an MBA student or starting to apply in MBA programs, you need to know about various specializations offered in the regular post-graduate program. While a large number of new specializations are added in India’s MBA curriculum, one course that seems to have become evergreen is the MBA in Finance. Let’s delve more into this specialization.

The Evergreen Specialization

While financial study being all about numbers scares a lot of people, provides a thrill to others. If you are in first year of your MBA program and soon to enter in the second year where you have to make a decision of what specialization to choose, you will notice a large number of students opting for finance. The reasons why MBA in Finance continues to be in demand as compared to its counterparts are:

Reasons of Popularity

There are a lot of factors that make being finance professional a sweet deal for many. Some of them are:

·         Stable sector

Despite many ups and downs in the economy, the one thing that holds its importance is money. Because finance sector is based on money, it’s also extremely stable, with job opportunities always being there.

·         Big paycheck

Around the world, finance professionals get maximum pay when compared to any other sector. It’s also because of the fact that it’s a crucial department and a lot rides on it.

·         Extended work opportunities

The job opportunities are very high in the finance sector, with a lot of options to choose from. Being an MBA in Finance graduate, opens the door to a variety of work ranging from financial companies, banks to managing money matters of any other company.

·         Reputation

It’s still an unsaid feeling among many people in India that those who are a financial expert are different from the other lot of people working in other fields.

However, to take advantage of all the above mentioned and many more perks, you will need to be different from other Finance students in your class, so as to become the first choice of companies.

How to get a job before everyone else in your class?

Wouldn’t it be great that every finance company that comes in your college for placements, select you? If this idea seems great to you, then trust me it’s possible. Here’s how:

1.      Have Information

You need to know everything happening in the field of finance, you should have an idea of the current rates of everything from SLR to Bank Ratio.

2.      Forecast by Analysis

Along with the things happening now, you should also be able to forecast what the scenario would be in the future.

3.      Give Time to Soft Skills

A good work on your soft skills is utmost important. Remember that even though it seems that the finance sector may not require much interaction, but it does. So, work on your communication skills in terms of both verbal and nonverbal.

4.      Be a Problem Solver

Find problems in the economy, in respect to financing and have an answer ready for them. Discuss these problems and your proposed solution with experts or your professors.

5.      Network

The day you decide to make a career in finance, go out and send invitations to finance professionals on LinkedIn and every other networking site.

Tip: read their skills and try to learn from them before you start looking for a job.

If you know that the finance is your calling, go for it. But, be ready to work very hard while giving a lot of attention to your soft skills. Remember, good things happen to those who work for them.

Author Bio- 

Tripti Rai writes on the behalf of, she advises students on right career choices, exam advices, educational institutions, etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.


nancy john said...

 I often hear, "I just got my MBA so I expect to make $x amount more money because of it." I always immediately retort, "Said every person who just got their MBA

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Unknown said...

A graduate degree in Business Administration (MBA) will teach you advanced management skills that will help you manage your franchise business, regardless of whether you buy or sell a franchise. The mba curriculum focuses on such topics as accounting, management and marketing, and they are important elements for successful franchise business management.

Anonymous said...

An MBA degree definitely differentiates professionals from the herd. But we must prefer not just any MBA degree but an MBA degree from a premier business school.

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Unknown said...

If you look through the job descriptions of almost all senior positions across industries, you can see that MBA is the preferred degree, though perhaps not mandatory.

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sara said...

There is a LOT of group work during my MBA classes which some shy people are not fan of. After working all day, the last thing they want is to meet for extra hours outside of class time, but I like this.

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Unknown said...

Every company must have its very own finance department regardless of the nature of their business. Hence, job opportunities are always vast within this sector so you will have higher potential of being hired if you have certification in this field. Experience increases that potential so after the degree phase, you might want to further that step even more.

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