Why it is important that your customers are delighted

Friday, May 2, 2014

Why it is important that your customers are delighted

Customers have become smarter these days. They have learnt the art of buying things. The numerous options available across the market certainly give them the edge to choose the product they want. The companies just can’t fool them anymore. Customers have been committing enough mistakes, and now know what is best for them. 

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The companies, therefore, needs to understand whom they are dealing with. Customers these days usually falls under two key trends. One who has just purchased your product and either he will become your regular customer, or may visit your store for another round of purchase, and then gallops away. 

The second trend of the customer is the one who will go on to become a loyal customer. Companies try hard to make sure that it has a strong base of loyal customers, but significantly, it is not the loyal base of a company that will ensure growth. There’s a twist here.

It’s your delighted customers who actually go on to promote your product or service. If you start racking your brain to find what exactly it means, then you might come in for a surprise. It is, in fact, simpler than you will ever imagine. 

The delighted customers are those who are usually your first time buyers, and they are the ones who may turn out to be your promotional tool in the short run. If the first time buyers are happy about the purchase they make, then it’s likely that they may buy again, and you can be sure that they will do the advertising by word of mouth. They are the ones who will begin saying good things about your product. They are the ones who have just become excited, and want to share their experience. 

They are also the ones who will convince their contacts about the usefulness of the products they have just bought. It’s important that companies target these happy ones. The delighted customers help in the growth of a company

Loyal customers are different

They may certainly bring a steady sale, but not enough in terms of growth. Loyal customers keep the fire burning. Though, you can’t just ignore them, but you also can’t put all your attention on them. 

Loyal customers are quite lazy, in my opinion. They pick up something from the store because they trust the brand or the store, but they are not excited about the product, and; therefore, they don’t discuss the product, which hampers the marketing initiative of the company. 

Put 80% of your attention on new delighted customers. The first time buyers are critical, and companies should trace them, and can use these happy ones to promote their products. 

Why delighted customers are so valuable

Delighted customers start discussing the products, everywhere they go. And especially, if the product has women buyers, then it is more likely to be discussed. The discussion may take place in the office, community hall gatherings, parties, and among friends. This could explode the opportunities of sale. Discussion is the key, and companies understand the value of discussion surrounding their products, which is also one reason, why many companies have online forums to let potential customers know what others are saying about their products. 

What the millions, in advertisements, can’t do, the first time buyers, who become happy after the purchase can do for a company’s promotional cause. 

The bottom line

I want to bring in here a different line of thinking. You may own any company, a small or a large firm, it’s important to understand that finding new customers is the key. There are many businessmen, whom I know have suffered because they want to relax on the back of a large base of loyal customers. Remember, loyal customers may not always be trusted; they might be lured away by other companies, who are on the prowl, ready to steal your customers.

The best are those who set their basics right. Always set the foundation of the growth of your company on new buyers.  Finding and making a new buyer happy is the key strategy. No matter how large the base of your old customers, you should always try more to keep your new buyers happy.

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