10 New Year resolutions a Designer should make

Saturday, December 28, 2013

10 New Year resolutions a Designer should make

Every New Year brings hope and desire to learn something different. You may have made countless New Year resolutions over the years, but this year could be different. And, it should be different. If there’s anything weird about these New Years, it is the prospect of doing new things and experiencing a new beginning. Designers could find New Years unusually challenging, perhaps because it gives them a new theme to perform better, amidst excessive competition in the designer’s world.  Here are the best 10 New Year resolutions.

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Face competition in a much better way

Every designer wakes up in the morning, expecting to win over clients. Even before he designs anything for his client, he probably designs ways to thwart off impending competition. That’s level of professional struggle every designer has to cope with. You may have failed to navigate through the rough waves of competition, but the coming year could be yours if you are prepared with new plans and strategies to score better than others. 

Increase your clientele list

Increasing clientele list is never easy. It requires months and years of hard work to retain clients. A designer needs to understand that his real clients are those who give him repeat orders. That’s where his work ethics and ability to maintain relationship comes to the fore. Hence, focus equally more on your relationship goals to establish your presence. 

Don’t repeat mistakes

Mistakes are good. It teaches you a lot. It prepares you to face projects, slowly clears the hurdles, and makes you proficient in what you do. However, if you keep on repeating mistakes, then you are pushing yourself backwards. If you learn from your mistakes, then you won’t repeat it. Every mistake you have committed in the past should be a stepping stone to success.

Spend more time to learn new design tricks

 Every designer survives on his knowledge of producing creative design solutions. If he stops learning new designs, and solely depends on what he has up his sleeves, then he will probably, start losing clients. A designer has to keep track of recent changes and problems, and must have the acumen to come up with new striking version to eliminate upcoming problems. 

Make new goals to motivate yourself

Motivation is the key. Sometimes, you get bored by doing the same thing over and over again. Success is never easy. To succeed over a period of time, you have to motivate yourself to keep going for goals. Change your goals with time. Make short term goals, and long term goals to pursue your dreams. That’s where the spirit of the designer lies.

Visualize your designs

The best way to generate mind boggling designs is to visualize it. You may find the idea silly, but it works. No matter what kind of designs you want to create, whether it’s a word press theme, or designing a new blogging platform, the ability to visualize will bring out the best from you. It enhances your capacity to deliver exceptional degree of subtlety in your work. 

Show character amidst crisis

Times and circumstances may change. The life of a designer never remains the same. Some days he is blessed with a huge number of orders while on others, he has no clue why he has nothing on his lap. On days when you encounter a crisis, you need to come up with great character, to overcome it. A designer should never lose sight of an opportunity, even during extreme crisis. 

Improve your communication skills

A talented designer who lacks communication skills will never become a great designer. He is destined to remain a mediocre one, simply because he can never reveal his ideas to his clients. And if you can’t express your ideas, then you can never convince your clients. 

Stop making excuses

Don’t make excuses for your failure. The best designers are those who accept their failures, and move on to give their best. Your attitude will make all the difference. A more positive frame of mind brings fruitful results. 

Never under charge

Just because you don’t have work, it doesn’t give you the freedom to grab work at any cost. Remember, if you undercharge, you are destroying the whole bunch of designers. It doesn’t work that way. Instead work on your skills and wait for the opportunity. It will surely help.

Finally, if you still don’t succeed with all the above given New Year resolutions, read one more time.

By Rajiv Sighamony.

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