Why some article titles sounds so better

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why some article titles sounds so better

than others and also helps you earn more dollars

To work out a title for a post is simple. But how many titles do we find intriguing to the extent that we want to take a peek inside, and find out what exactly it says. Not many I guess. I suppose some titles that are so appealing are chosen instinctively. No one could guarantee a title would become a hit with the readers, buy yes, when we sit and write an article, it should be our priority to come up with the best article title ideas, which makes reading articles so fascinating. 
Have you ever thought why some of the articles go viral? Majority of the articles go viral because they have the titles to do so. The titles do more than half of the effort to get traffic, and once you get the readers, it is all about what you had written in the post. Though, hot chic best topics do get a lot of readers, even though, the title may not be that impressive. 

A lousy post will surely not help you, no matter how strong your title is. On the other hand, an unexciting title will also not take your best post to the readers. The title plays a vital role, and it goes a long way to generate reader’s interest for your article.

How should a title look like? 

Many writers I found yield emphasis to linguistic perfection; others try and get the title attractive by inserting unusual vocabulary. Though, these may be terrific ways to make article titles look better, but it lacks the sharpness. A proper title should be able to make you think twice, and persuade you to read further, or it should not make you think, but you go on and complete the full post. 

What then makes a title good? A title should be in sync with our everyday life. Best topics are those that help us make our experiences better. Something we know about, but we want to be reassured, and any title that corresponds to it will surely attract readers to read further. 

Make you curious 

It has been witnessed that some of the best article titles are “how to” titles because it arouses our curiosity. For instance, “how to hunt a tiger in the dark”.  Such titles are bound to make us know more, even though, we might have never been in the jungle, or we would never try and look for a tiger, yet, we want to know something about it. We would like to tell our friends that we know something on tigers. 

Every human being loves to be a storyteller, or information provider, even though it may not have any intrinsic value for us. Therefore, we all want to see something new. That’s where curious titles are the best bet for writers. It has something to contribute to the readers. 

Titles on solutions

Not all titles on solutions can arouse curiosity. Titles on familiar topics can be a bit of a gamble. Titles such as “how to prevent your hair from falling down” may have a lot of different versions. Many of you have already spent a lot of time exploring it. But a personal touch here to a title with a long tail keyword can entice readers. 

Choosing title is like choosing a friend. You never know whether he or she will stick around. Only time will tell. That’s what a title is more or less like, if it strikes a chord with the readers, it naturally becomes a potent title.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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