Suit Etiquette for important events

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Suit Etiquette for important events

Choosing the Right Suit


Looking your best at prestigious events is essential for maintaining respect in the eyes of others and boosting your confidence in arduous or unfamiliar situations. Often buying a single suit off of the rack is not enough, and you may be left looking cheap or unaware of social expectations. The following suit etiquette guidelines can help you choose the perfect attire for the next significant moment in your life.

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1. Business Meetings

A well-dressed man at a business meeting represents his company well and presents himself as a commanding figure when it comes to negotiating deals or contracts. A pinstriped suit with the right shirt and tie can give you that powerful presence in meetings, and the subtle stripes will make you look taller. To show your understanding of what makes a wardrobe, match the shirt you wear with the color of the pinstripe.

2. A Formal Date

Whether you take a girl out for the first time and look to impress her or try to reach out to her parents for the first time, a formal dinner or other engagement should not be attended in business attire. Rather, switch to a dinner jacket, also known as tuxedo suits.  In general stick to a white shirt and a simple black bow tie. Put on your highly polished shoes for the occasion and don't forget the cufflinks. A cummerbund is not an expected element of this look nowadays.

3. Gentleman's Weekend

Whether you are frequenting your club or getting drinks with your friends at an upscale bar, you want to look your best while also relaxing on your needed time off. A well-fitted velvet jacket is perfect for this type of occasion. When selecting a velvet jacket be sure it does not look cheap in either material or color. When pairing the jacket, be sure the color works with the selected jeans or other materials, and remember velvet is considered an evening material.

4. Job Interviews

Job interviews are tricky. You want to look confident without being overbearing. A vintage three-piece suit is generally considered appropriate attire for an interview and can quickly be adapted without raising any eyebrows. A typical three-piece outfit is perfect for job hunt, which is comprised of trousers, a vest and a jacket made in a polyester and wool blend. The versatility of the three piece suit allows you to portray everything from conservative and elegant to liberal and creative based on the color of the shirt your wear, the cut of the suit and how you adorn.

5. Casual Friday

When employees discover their boss is going to ease up on the dress code and allow a casual Friday, the understanding of what casual means leads to inappropriate wardrobe choices. Generally speaking, if a pinstripe suit is the norm, wearing jeans and a t-shirt to casual Friday will be frowned upon. Instead, opt for a jacket or blazer paired with flannels or chinos and perhaps a more casual-colored shirt. Use your best judgment on suit etiquette when deciding whether to wear a tie or not. If it doesn't work with the jacket, keep an open collar.

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