Follow the Golden Rule of Job hunt

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Follow the Golden Rule of Job hunt

You need to attach a cover letter with your resume if you want your CV to stand out from the rest. The following article talks about the importance of a cover letter and how it can assist you to grab a decent job.

You are a fresh graduate from a reputed institute, and now your next step should be to pursue a job according to your educational background. Freshers are clueless about the cut- throat competition in the real world and that is where they lose points. A newbie will not understand until and unless he moves out of his comfort zone and face the competition heat. 

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Getting a job is essential, however, getting a decent occupation as per his/ her profile is essential and to fulfill this requirement one must face an interview. Interviews are not only concerned with freshers, but also professionals who are looking forward to switching their jobs, also needs to pull up their socks.

Job hunt is very much related to resume also known as Curriculum Vitae (CV). When one goes out to face an interview, CV is the first thing employer would ask for. A well prepared resume will serve as a magnet for the employer and would constitute or break your impression. One needs to pay more attention to his/ her resume in the present scenario. 

Your bio data should be a mirror to your personality. It should be neither too long nor too short, and you must not forget that you are making a resume to impress the prospective employer.  If you want your resume to shine, then you also need to attach a cover letter with it. If you have an outstanding CV with a well written cover letter, you have won half the battle. The other half of the battle would be your interview.

What exactly is a Cover Letter?

There must be thousands of ambitious professionals who are not enlightened with the term “Cover Letter”. Cover Letter is nothing but an extension to your resume, which briefly sheds light on your person and any previous experience in any recognized organization. A serious job seeker would make sure that he is carrying an enticing cover letter with his detailed resume with a desire to secure a job.  It acts as an introductory document which can be useful in placing your CV on top. Several aspiring professionals avoid cover letter while applying for their recruitment. 

An attractive cover letter will introduce you to the potential employers and will explain about the suitability of the desired position. Employers are always on the hunt for a thoughtfully written cover letters which would assist them in screening the applicants. If one doesn’t know how to pen down a cover letter, then he can always have a look at sample cover letters over the internet. There are numerous sample cover letters easily available which sheds light on how to write, and what to write.

Things to keep in Mind

A cover letter attached with your CV would be surely helpful in scoring high points in creating an impression. However, there is still lot of work to do on your part. There are certain things, which one needs to keep in mind while going for a cover letter. Cover letter for resume should be specific and straight to the point. One should point out only the details required as per the job specifications. A cover letter should be strictly professional and should be written following a specific format. A cover letter should be properly and carefully edited in the end to avoid any mistakes. 

A major blunder, which job seekers tend to do, is that they send their cover letters in bulk to different companies. This should be avoided as every organization has a different profile and different job requirements. One should go through a company’s profile and forward cover letters individually. Thus, attach a cover letter and increase your chances to procure a suitable job

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