5 Careers Where Having a Nice Car Matters

Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Careers Where Having a Nice Car Matters

Having a lovely car sitting on the driveway outside your home is a marvellous feeling and sometimes it defines what work you do and how successful you are. Here is a look at 5 careers where having a beautiful car matters.

With a decent quality car, you are making a statement about you and in a lot of cases, how well you are doing in your career. It stands to reason that someone who turns up in a luxury sedan is going to turn more heads than someone driving an old runaround that has seen better days.

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Successful Entrepreneur

If you manage your own small business or have a series of investments in different companies then you are likely to be an individual who knows what they want, and where they want to go to in life, buying a car that matches your ambitions and achievements is essential to many entrepreneurs. As it can be viewed as a status symbol and a sign for people around you that you are successful, and trustworthy to do business with if they want to see results. A Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible is about one of the coolest cars around and oozes style and a price match that is not for the faint hearted, but if you are a successful entrepreneur, then you probably do not believe the price of a car or car insurance cost to be an issue.

Tradesman with style

If you are carving out a career in a trade that involves carrying equipment about and covering plenty of miles in all types of different locations, then having nice cheap cars to roll up in can sometimes make all the difference to how customers perceive you. You have to get the right balance between having a car that shows you are adept at what you do and can afford a nice set of wheels but at the same time, don’t want to give the impression that you charge too much either. The Subaru Forrester ticks a lot of boxes as it has an expansive cargo area for carrying your work around with you, and a whole lot of financing options, but it is a frugal mid-sized SUV that shows that you wish to keep a handle on costs.

Sales Manager

You have served your time as a road warrior in nice cheap cars, and now it is time to grab the masses with some real style and panache on wheels. The Lexus HS Hybrid 10 is going to impress a lot of people, not just with its looks but also with the fact that it is designed for total fuel efficiency with 70& below smog emissions and is almost 85% recyclable. For just shy of $50,000, a bargain price to say the least, you can impress clients with a sharp looking car and equally impressive green credentials too.

Driving Instructor

If you teach people to drive then, you need to make sure that the car that you have is more suited to the needs of your student than one that you probably prefer to drive. Some of the most popular models are the Ford Fiesta which is driven by students throughout Europe and the U.S and delivers the right performance and safety features that you need. Having the right nice cheap cars to provide your students is extremely crucial to the success of the business and also for ensuring they learn to drive in a car that is safe and performs well at the same time.

U.S Military

If you decided to buy a new Land Rover then, you can benefit from having a decent career which allows you to manage more easily. Land Rover has a U.S Military Sales Program where all military personnel have the opportunity to qualify for a number of significant discounts against the normal retailer MSRP.

No matter what profession or trade you are in, having a beautiful car matters to a lot of us, but sometimes the career path we are on means that what we drive matters more, when we are trying to create the right impression with others.

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