10 Money Saving Apps for Truck Drivers

Sunday, May 12, 2013

10 Money Saving Apps for Truck Drivers

Weeks spent living on the road can be expensive for truck drivers. Without the option of home cooking, truckers have no choice but to spend money in restaurants. If they can’t find a shower or a safe lot to park in for cab-sleeping, paying for hotel rooms can really add up.

These extra expenses make it important for truck drivers to find ways to financially cut corners wherever they can. Luckily, we have helpful technology like money-saving phone apps.

Here are 10 great apps to help truck drivers hold onto more of their cash:

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1. FuelLog (Android) —

When you drive for a living, fuel costs can mean the difference between a good paycheck and a great paycheck, making this app especially important. FuelLog tracks mileage, fuel consumption, and repair expenses for your vehicle, with a calculator and average costs per month or year given in a user-friendly format.

2. GasBuddy (iPhone or Android) —

The GasBuddy app allows drivers to find the cheapest gas in their area, which can save anyone who drives major money over time. Simple to use, this app lets the user enter city or zip code to find the cheapest gas available, and even gives out points and awards to those reporting current gas prices.

3. GoogleMaps (iPhone) —

Offering comprehensive overviews, the GoogleMaps app can save truck drivers gas money by giving them the quickest route to any destination. Getting stuck in traffic or being rerouted because of construction can waste time and money, but this app includes traffic backup information, eliminating that problem.

4. Around Me (iPhone) —

This app gives anyone on the road for long periods of time the ability to know where the local restaurants, businesses and gas stations are located to avoid wasting valuable time driving in search of such necessities. With Around Me, a truck driver can figure out where the cheapest place to grab a bite to eat or a hot shower is without spending gas money driving around.

5. Trucker (iPhone) —

Created for truckers by a trucker, this extremely well-rounded app gives truck drivers access to multiple resources that can help them find anything they need on the road. The Trucker app makes life on the road easier and more efficient with emergency links, trucker services, D.O.T. state listings and more.

6. Trapster (Android) —

State Trooper speed traps can slow down a truck driver or cost them an expensive ticket if not noticed. The Trapster app gives truck drivers a way to communicate speed trap placements to stay a step ahead of the police by allowing users to update information to the minute.

7. Truck Stops Pro (Android) —

Besides the cost of fuel, one of the most expensive aspects of driving a truck for a living is finding a place to sleep. Hotels are a luxury, but in reality, most truckers sleep in the back cab area of their truck to save money… and that’s where Truck Stops Pro comes in. This app gives the locations of over 8000 stores and businesses with big lots who don’t mind if truckers park overnight, with a database of 5400 truck stops and over 2000 rest areas.

8. TruckSmart (iPhone) —

This app allows you to map out your route using Travel Centers and Petro stations, which offer fuel, quick-serve restaurants, showers, truck maintenance and WIFI. With 24/7-365 day a year roadside assistance, TruckSmart covers any service you might possibly need on the road, allowing you to be a more efficient employee.

9. Truck Stop Coupons (iPhone) —

The Truck Stop Coupons app tells users which truck stops are having sales so truckers can take advantage of bargains, and offers coupons to be used at favorite truck stops along the route.

10. EZCAM Speed Cam Detector (Android) —

This app lets the user know the placement of all permanent speed cameras throughout the United States, preventing costly tickets. EZCAM Speed Cam Detector also allows user input so newly installed speed cameras can be entered into the database.   

If you drive a truck for a living and are seeking ways to increase your income by trucking smarter, not harder, try some of these apps. You might be surprised by how much money you save.

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