4 Veterans Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

Sunday, May 12, 2013

4 Veterans Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

Congress has enacted various programs to assist veterans of the US Armed Forces. Each program includes its own definition of a qualifying veteran. However, having a dishonorable discharge is a common disqualification for most veterans benefits.

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1.       Aid and Attendance program

Qualifying war era veterans and their surviving spouses can get tax-free income to pay for long-term care. This care can be provided in the home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. This benefit is for veterans and surviving spouses who need the assistance of another person or caregiver to help with at least two of their daily activities of living. Some normal living activities are bathing, dressing, eating, and toileting.

2.                   Preference for US government jobs

Qualifying veterans get a definite advantage when applying for federal jobs. However, there is no guarantee that the veteran will actually get the desired job. The priority is established by adding a certain number of points to the passing examination scores of applicants.

Since October 1, 1980, military retirees with the rank of major or higher (or the equivalent) must be disabled veterans to receive veterans benefits.

3.                   Compensation for Agent Orange

Agent Orange was the name for one of several highly toxic chemicals used by the US military in Vietnam to defoliate forests and eliminate food crops in the countryside. The purpose was to make people in the countryside to flee to the US controlled cities. In theory, this would deprive the Vietnamese enemy combatants of their primary rural assistance and food supply.

This program resulted in serious health problems for both the Vietnamese people and the allied soldiers. Qualifying veterans may be eligible for health care benefits and monthly payments for diseases associated with Agent Orange. Veterans with qualifying service are presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange.

4.                   VA home loans

The Veteran’s Administration guarantees 25% of those home loans for qualifying veterans that do not exceed a VA loan limit per county. These loan limits are based on the median home values for a particular county in the US. Therefore, these limits can vary widely among different states and counties. This loan limit is calculated annually. Because of this guarantee, the mortgage company is able to make these loans more attractive than conventional loans.

For assistance, Vets should use assistance from a group like www.lowvarates.com. If the entitlement for this VA guarantee has been previously used and not restored, the maximum security available for that veteran will be reduced.

Author: Jayla Barnsen

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