International Business Calls Made Easy

Friday, March 15, 2013

International Business Calls Made Easy

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Using VOIP providers as one of the main vendors for your business can help to reduce one of the major costs of running a business with international clientele. VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which in simplest terms means that you can make phone calls over an internet connection rather than with a traditionally-wired telephone. Using a VOIP phone to call international business clients has three main benefits.

Cuts Operating Costs

The cost of VOIP services generally is significantly lower than the cost of using a traditional phone line to make calls. While VOIP is not free to use internationally, plans start for much less money than a telephone service would cost. Plus they usually work for a large number of calls, such as 20 hours’ worth of international calls each month, rather than paying for a small portion or per call.

Includes Many Countries at Once

International calling plans from traditional telephone carriers vary tremendously, but they almost all require deals to call specific countries. For example, a “European” plan may allow someone from the United States specific rates for calling countries in the European Union while charging higher rates for other countries. These phone plans work well if you wish to call only a handful of places regularly, but with a VOIP phone, there is no need for this type of plan. Calling is free for more than 55 countries without any sign-ups required.

Permits Using Mobile Phones

In some parts of the world, landline phones never took off, usually because that country did not have the money or infrastructure to support wired phones in businesses or homes. People in these countries tend to have cell phones at much higher rates. By using a VOIP provider, you will be able to make calls to and from mobile phones. You can call people working in the scope of countries without a large number of landlines, but you also can make calls from those places as long as you are somewhere with an internet connection. Often in cities, in poorer countries, there are a few places with internet service, making a VOIP an option to use in those remote locations.

The bottom line is that for people who do business internationally, using a VOIP provider gives the flexibility that a regular phone service cannot do. When considering vendors and services for an international business, researching a VOIP phone will show you the remarkable benefits that your business can benefit from using a VOIP service over a traditional phone line. Knowing what you will pay each month and how many calls you can make will take some of the guesswork out of your business, getting your business up and running that smoother.

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