Put Cloud CRM to Work for Your Small Business

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Put Cloud CRM to Work for Your Small Business

Howsoever, hard you might be working, but success for a small scale businessman depends on the way he handles customers. Your customers need to be the focal point of any situation you want to prepare for business purpose. However, ensuring a profitable client relationship is difficult given the creative thinking and untiring efforts one needs to put in to assist customers.

Customer relation management software plays a pivotal function and helps keep small business establishments in touch with their customers on a regular basis.

You need to select the right cloud CRM tool for maintaining the beautiful balance between customers and yourself. Here is how you can achieve the task successfully.

Choose the right tool

Having a proper cloud CRM device can work wonders for your business venture. If you are a delightful salesman who cares for the need of the customer, you must have heard about salesforce.com. The service was founded in 1999 and caters to the needs of small and mid size business, establishments who want CRM service in the cloud.

A distinct advantage of using salesforce, a premium cloud CRM service is that a variety of other cloud services integrate with it and offer different features that are of value to most in the business. This service offers cloud CRM services for a range of businessperson including small sized units. The market is brimming with a range of cloud CRM service providers and one need to pick up a service as per the impending need.

Other free and affordable choices

Experts in the field are the best ones to offer suggestions. One such small business technology consultant is James Gaskin. He is of the view that if as a small entrepreneur one has never tried cloud CRM system, a beginning can be made by going in for a free or a low cost cloud tool. 

As one gets comfortable with these tools he can continue to some paid choices that are readily available in the market some of the free and low cost cloud CRM systems that can be tried are as under:


Betaout is a content cloud management tool that has been specifically designed for managing editorial project management needs of small businessmen. In addition, it helps streamline content production if one is in the business of creating engaging content for customers.

Betaout helps one to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. A distinct advantage of Betaout is that it integrates effortlessly with diverse Wordpress platforms. Thus, Betaout is a decent option for any small business owner as it helps him organize and manage his business operations with superb efficiency.

For those in the content writing business managing, a pool of freelancers is a hectic task. Betaout makes the job easier in the sense that it manages the payments and keeps a number of their invoices, thus giving considerable time to the content writer to focus on his upcoming needs.

Zoho CRM

This service offers most CRM features and integrates well with Zoho suite of cloud applications. The app comes free, and in case you are looking for enhanced features, a paid version is available for a cost of $12 per user per month.

Free CRM

An open cloud CRM tool, the Free CRM, supports up to five users and gives up to 10 MB of storage space. One can get an intuitive approach on the sales forecasting though this tool. Professional edition of the same is also available and comes for $15 per user per month. This report offers live support and unlimited data storage also.

Social CRM- The latest in offering

As many of the business dealings appear on the internet these days, customers get business through Facebook pages, Google searches and other social mediums. A variety of social CRM options are available, and one can choose from among the following:

LinkedIn Profile Organizer

This helps organize key CRM features to the business person’s social networking sites. The features that LinkedIn Profile Organizer supports are its expertise in organizing contact into folders and adding notes to profiles. However, the service requires a LinkedIn premium account for activation and comes with a price tag of $25 per month.


Another social CRM option is Gist. This service imports your contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and Gmail into a single dashboard. One can check out recent emails at a glance, once the service is in place. This helps keep oneself organized and in the loop of business requirements. Latest tweets made by your customers are also visible at a glance in Gist.


Chatter is another premium CRM option that can be considered. The service comes for a price range of $25 per month and helps subscribers to connect directly to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This integration of social networking websites and cloud CRM services works to the benefit of small business owners as their influence increases across quarters.

Hub Spot

One can also try Hub Spot, another premium cloud CRM option that integrates website hosting, search engine optimization, blogging, and social media monitoring. Additionally, one can try marketing analytic from Hub Spot.

Technological innovations have made their appearance in every sector and business owners can reap the forthcoming benefits of the same. Besides the above listed cloud CRM services, market is abuzz with a lot of other services as BatchBook, Highrise and Microsoft Dynamics among others. Take your pick and reap the benefits.

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