Some Useful Tips to Deal with Unlicensed Payday Lenders

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some Useful Tips to Deal with Unlicensed Payday Lenders

At present, there are several unlicensed or unlawful payday lenders operating in the global market, and exploiting some decent cashless people all over the world. In fact, they will clearly understand that they are not authorized to give any kind of payday loans to people within the place where they are operating, and wouldn’t possess any information on how actually to go about with the practice of payday loans in the first place.   

Coming Out of the Trap!
In case, you, unfortunately, fall victim to these kinds of unlicensed payday lenders, you will certainly be exploited entirely by them as they will naturally make you into a trap, and would probably make you stay on forfeiting them time and again. Most of consumers who tend to get payday loans to meet urgent financial needs are actually not aware about these types of criminal payday lenders, which is the main reason why these illegal lenders are often succeeding in cheating people with the use of their shrewd tactics.  

Distinguishing between Authentic and Fraudulent Payday Lenders
As long as ordinary people around the world fail to distinguish between legal and illegal payday lenders, there wouldn’t be an end to the wrong money-making activities of the unlicensed lenders at the cost of poor cashless people. As a matter of fact, there are many instances where consumers have actually paid nearly thousands of dollars to repay a loan of say around 3-hundred dollars to these kinds of nasty payday lenders since they don’t know that they should have reimbursed only the principal amount what they had obtained initially. So, in order to help all our readers to escape from the dirty secret of unlicensed payday lenders, we are presenting some useful guidelines on how to deal with these kinds of forbidden lenders in the following sections, read through.   

Detect Whether he is Licensed to Operate in Your Region 

Try to contact your area’s (state’s) Attorney General’s headquarters. You can even make a straightforward Google search to find all the normal payday loans that are relevant to your region/state, and then use that information to verify whether the selected payday lender is legitimate or not. This is extremely essential to make sure that you won’t end up being a victim to some illegal lenders. For instance, in the States of Massachusetts, and Florida, the normal functionalists of all sorts of online payday lenders are considered as quite illegal.   

What to Do When You Find Out a Fraudulent Lender
In case, you find out any particular payday lender as unlicensed or illegal, make sure to consider the following steps quickly:
  • Close your account
  • Make sure that your personal bank pays attention to your request
  • Send Electronic mail, and letter to the discovered lender, which helps you to pay only the principal loan amount even after they become licensed to offer payday loans to consumers all over the United States in the latter days
  • File a complaint so that other consumers become fully aware of that certain criminal payday lender
  Repay in Your Own Ways 

If you still haven’t repaid the principal loan amount that you have acquired from an unlawful lender, obtain a written agreement from them on how exactly the loan amount should be cleared up, and make sure that you pay only via money order, and not via prepaid cards, which would normally cost you additional charges. These are some practical tips that one should bear in mind, to get protected from unauthorized or unlicensed payday lenders, who are quite popular all over the world.   

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Edward Wilson has contributed this guest post that focused on illegal Payday lenders. Apart from this post, Wilson has written several other articles on payday loans related topics, including tips to quickly clear payday loans, acquiring payday loans, and many more.

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