Four Leading Benefits of Travel Insurance

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Four Leading Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance benefits you financially in several ways. If you are on a business trip, and you become ill, hurt or loose items, this type of insurance can save you monies as well as your employers. The same concept exists if you are on vacation by yourself or with your family. Your health is the most important aspect of travel insurance, especially if your regular health insurance does not cover your out-of-state or the country. Additionally, items are lost or stolen very easily while traveling; typically all of your extra money has been spent for the trip. Therefore, you may not have the funds to cover additional costs. There are four major benefits of travel insurance. 

1.         Your Health in a Strange Land

Illnesses are never predicted and can happen quickly without warning. Some foreign countries have various types of sickness that you may not be aware of or can plan for. It is vital to obtain travel insurance for the health care benefits. Depending on your travel policy, you can receive or be reimbursed all medical expenses for yourself or your travel party, exactly as in case with health insurance. Additionally, if you need emergency care or transportation, this will be more-than-likely covered as well.

2.                   Strictly Emergencies

Emergencies can happen in a blink of an eye; typically people do not have immediate funds to pay for what can occur on holidays. These are fabulous benefits of travel insurance. Whether you have an unexpected ambulance ride, a disaster occurs where you need to find a new hotel or take a later flight, or your transportation breaks down, you can often use your policy’s 24-hour emergency service. However, read the fine print before you sign the agreement to understand what emergencies are covered.

3.                   Thieves and Losing Your Shirt

Holidays can be fairly dangerous for you and your family. As soon as you vacate the airplane or mode of transportation, you could be marked. People are lurking, waiting for you to have your defense down. If you do not pay attention, your luggage, travel checks and credit cards could be gone forever. Maybe you are careless and accidentally use your wallet, purse or luggage, or the airline lost your bags; this is where this type of insurance comes in handy. As soon as you misplace or become a victim of theft, you can call your insurance holder and they will act quickly to help you through this crisis so that you and your family are safe.

4.                   Delays, Mistakes and Annoyances

If you left 10 minutes too late for your flight, if it was cancelled by weather or your hotel overbooked their rooms, travel insurance can be a blessing. Typically, flight delays and cancellations are your responsibility, regardless if it was your fault or not. You may have to pay an extra charge or a new fare all together for a different flight or different time. Also, fighting with the hotel about their faith in overbooking can be a headache and you may end up giving in and paying a higher price for different accommodations. Travel insurance will help you eat the cost or at least pay a portion of your added expense.

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