A Rewarding Career as a Financial Advisor

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Rewarding Career as a Financial Advisor

The increasingly competitive job market has resulted in more number of people with fewer job opportunities. So it becomes very important for you to make your skills recognized and stand apart in the crowd. If you are looking for a job switch, to make your mark in the finance sector and take up the role of a financial advisor, here are few tips that could help you.

How to get started with it

A career as a financial advisor is surely successful and rewarding and is often regarded with high respect. If numbers, accounting and investments have always interested you, then there are high chances of you making it in the finance sector. As a financial advisor, you are expected to have an aptitude for mathematics and be updated with the latest market trends. You are also expected to posses convincing skills and should be able to make businesses invest money in addition to investing time in taking your advice. If you think you possess all these qualities and are confident of handling different situations well, you can consider a successful career as a financial advisor.

A bachelor's degree or a four year degree in accounting, economics, computer science or math is a must to take up this career. You can later get a certification such as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) done, to add to your credit. Earning a major in any field is acceptable, but if you complete a major in any of the finance related subjects, it will enhance your resume and boost your chances.

To start off with your earnings, you might have to gain some experience by working as an unpaid intern at some private firms. This will help you to take the first step to success in the financial sector. There are many entry level jobs in banks and other businesses and that help budding financial advisors.

Certain companies also provide training programs for financial advisors. This helps them gather the required work experience and at the same time, prepare for licensing exams. These training programs are highly competitive and are totally worth the effort if you manage to get through them. The company however teaches you the rules and regulations but does not provide real life situations to handle the varying business needs. So to prove your point, you might have to stress upon your being passionate about this field and how well you can do it.

Benefits of a career as financial advisor

With too much to achieve in too little time, companies turn towards the options of getting help in planning their finances. So a successful financial advisor is very much in demand and is a profession paid well. The role of a financial advisor is also often seen as a satisfying job where you see your clients happy in getting their money invested in the right place and in the right manner. The job helps you interact with a lot of people and gain deeper knowledge about the rising market trends and other business strategies.

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