Can Wasting Money ever be a Good Use of Cash

Friday, July 6, 2012

Can Wasting Money ever be a Good Use of Cash

Wasting money does not make any sense at all. The question is why would one want to waste hard earned cash and even if it is for good, how good it can be? There are many chores that we can do on our own, without seeking help of professionals that charge us hundreds of bucks.

Every one of us can carry out many tasks in a day, like assemble furniture, paint a wall, varnish the door etc. The list is in fact endless, and to put an end to the frenzy of executing them, we hire experts and people who are good at these tasks. The worst is that people fret and whine even after hiring individuals who are paid substantial amount of money to carry out perfect jobs. So, actually what goes wrong? The answer to this question is - when you are unfamiliar with carrying out those tasks, you fail to trust even others who are experts at the jobs.

So, the best bet is to understand each chore and make a list of each task to be done in order of priority. This will not only ensure that the tasks are executed in time, but also that the important ones are done first. Although, it all would involve spending large amount of money, in the end it is you who will seek benefit. Now, stop whining about the money you have spent hiring people and begin the task.

1. Hire an Individual to Assemble Shelving Unit and Wardrobe, and Install a Curtain Pole

All this will cost you around $76 which is a big amount, but truly worthy. Assembling wardrobes and shelving units are simple chores, but since you are too cool to do them, you instead prefer spending cash to get them done. In fact, you could have installed the curtain pole on your own, but since it was bought several years ago, it is fragile by now and already took half an hour for the old chap to install. So, why would you have wasted half an hour for installing a curtain pole?

2. Hire Someone to Clean Stair Carpet and Bedroom

This all would cost you around $119. You could have done these two simple jobs using your strength, but you believed it was better to flip through a magazine and let the expert do it. Cleaning carpets and bedroom involves so much hard work that it would have resulted in bruises and spasms, so again cash came to your rescue and let you hire company. Although, the process was simpler when you saw a video about how to do these two jobs on your own, but it was easier to spend money to get the job done.

3. Hire a Painter to Paint Your Baby Bedroom

Hiring a painter for your child’s bedroom is so simple. All you need to do is pick the best search result using internet, call and hire. That’s it. However, you should know that you will have to pay $158 to the company to get the job done. $158 is a big amount and can put a great dent in your pocket. However, if you are too lazy to even think about moving your bones to do it yourself, we recommend you hire a company. After all, your baby’s room needs to freshen up. Ceilings and walls need paint, and the woodwork too needs a repair job. By the time the paint job ends, there are some more difficult things to do for which you can hire a company again. Although, you can do all this on your own, it’s better to take the easy route. Deflate your wallet as much as you can afford to.


When all's said and done, the exact amount spent to let you escape the boredom of do-it-yourself jobs is around $353. It is now your job to think whether spending this amount was a waste of money or an efficient means of spending cash when in dire need.  In my opinion, it is better to spend money if you can, to stay away from the boredom and hassles that come with home improvement projects.

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The above article is written by Donna B. Find her latest work here.

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