Crucial Guidelines for Debt Collectors

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crucial Guidelines for Debt Collectors

Whenever one takes any loan from a financial organization, it is obvious that the debt should be repaid within specific period of time. However, among these people, there remain a few who cannot repay their loan amount. Therefore, their debt accounts get labelled among defaulters. Under such circumstances, the loan offering company employs people to collect remaining debt from these defaulters. These people are known as debt collectors.

Needless to say, we live in a society with different kinds of people having different financial backgrounds. Among them, there are some who support their daily needs with ease, owing to strong financial capacity. However, there are also people who are not gifted with strong economic background. These people keep hunting for monetary assistance to fulfill their dreams. Hence, they are forced to depend upon the amount provided by financial companies. In such cases, few fail to repay the amount within specific  time period. Here lies the importance of debt collectors who are assigned the role to get back the loan amount.

Once your account is marked defaulted, the debt collectors will begin to harass you in order to collect the remaining loan amount. In such circumstances, they usually create unwanted situations to extract the residual debt from your pocket. During this process, these people make use of unpleasant methods to get back the defaulted sum of money from debtors. Thus, the life of defaulters gets disorganized.

Keeping these in mind, the federal government has implemented the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for protecting bad debtors. The debt collectors need to maintain guidelines for protecting defaulters from harassment. Here are they.

  • Debt collectors need to identify themselves prior to communication with debtors regarding the defaulted loan.
  • It is essential to provide complete debt details to the debtor before asking for the remaining loan amount. 
  • These debt collectors have to offer 30 days notice for the remaining debt collection within a period of 5 days from the initial communication.
  • When heading to file a lawsuit against the defaulted debtor, one must initially register a case at the place where the consumer currently resides.

In short, it can be said that federal law has managed to tame the nuisance caused by these debt collectors through the debt collection laws and guidelines.

Author: Aalina Jones

An experienced finance writer, she offers smart suggestions on financial topics


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