The Google Panda update

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Google Panda update

The recent Google Panda update has taken everyone by surprise. Many high PR sites have been given a jolt as they witnessed their site's PR drop from top ladder to somewhat in the lower end. No one has a clue why Google Panda update decided to punish high PR sites. High PR sites don’t guarantee that Google will go soft of them. Inability of these high PR sites to exercise comprehensive moderation policy had resulted in penalty. It was exactly what happened, and many of these high PR sites had taken granted of their search engine page rankings. They would allow spammy comments, post excessive ads on the pages, and will allow posting of excessive links within the articles. Google considers these acts as a spam, and therefore, those who have experienced a fall in their PR should look at one of these factors. 

Many sites indulge in low quality link building process, which is not always helpful. Google is particular about the site’s usage of high quality back links. High quality back links will enable sites to rise in search engine rank.

Google Panda update has not done anything new, but it has probably set things in right perspective. It has made sites realize the importance of following the simple techniques of link building process more effectively. It has also made site owner realize that spammy techniques, irrespective of the site’s reputation will be dealt with very strongly. 

How to build links

A site owner should now run away from the old teachings of building links at any cost. A site owner who has posted content in high PR directories in order to gain back links will be rewarded for his hard work, rather than someone who has posted a short comment in a site, which is full of ads, and excessive links to gain a back link. More than the back links, it is the quality of the back link that matters. 

Google has always preached about the importance of quality back links, but many site owners have probably forgotten the old teaching with time. The fact of the matter is Google overlooked such sites in the last few years, but the amount of spam has increased highly, and Google was left with no choice but to implement the Google Panda update.

Therefore, next time when one decides to post back link, always consider if the site falls within Google’s policy. Look at its structure more than its reputation, before finally deciding to link back.

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Bethany said...

Link building helps your site become visible in search engines. But since google changed its algorithm the link building strategies changes so most seo reseller research more and find more ways to build links.

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