A man wins million dollar lottery twice in three months

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A man wins million dollar lottery twice in three months

If you ever had to dream about a fortune, then there’s nothing better than dreaming about winning a million dollar jackpot twice in three months.

But when that dream comes true, then there are probably no woods to describe the feelings.

It was exactly what happened in Missouri, when a man named Ernest Pullen won twice in three months and made a big fortune at the age of 57.

The story of Ernest Pullen would make you envy the man’s luck.

Ernest Pullen bought a lottery ticket in the month of June, and the ticket won a $1 million prize money. After he won in June, Ernest Pullen again decided to try his luck.

He bought a ticket at Miller’s Quick shop in Bonne Terre in the eastern Missouri, and the result was he won a bigger prize this time. Ernest Pullen struck one of the biggest jackpots of his life. It was a $2 million jackpot.

Ernest feels he has achieved his dreams of winning lotteries. With his second win, the 57 year old Ernest Pullen has finally found himself relaxed.

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