Flat screen TV prices expected to come down

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flat screen TV prices expected to come down

Nothing seems going right for world economy. On one hand when you have exorbitant supplies, the demand falls down, while on the other hand, economy is reeling under stress, and buyers are not inclined to buy much of those luxury items.

What then a firm should do?

The year 2010 started out with a bang, with only 6 months into the start of the world cup, Flat screen TV manufacturers decided to manufacture huge volumes, expected those to sell out by the start of the Soccer world cup in South Africa in the month of June.

Nothing happened whatsoever, the demand never reached the pinnacle, and the huge volumes of Flat TV remained in the manufacturer’s storage. They never reached the retailer’s shelf.

The huge stock of Flat Screen TV that piled up in the manufacturer’s backyard was a burden to deal with.

The first nine months of the year is almost complete, and with no great volume of sales to talk about, Flat screen TV manufacturers have finally decided to drop their prices, and try to make some or any kind of profits, if possible.

They would try to cover at least their losses in the last quarter of the year.

Though, the television prices began falling since the beginning of August, Flat screen TV prices would now fall more than a substantial percentage.

The prices could fall $100 for a 32 inch LCD TV, which means henceforth, 32 inch Flat screen TV would be available anywhere from $249 and upwards.

The manufacturers would now pump Television units into the retailers store and try and offer incredible discounts to shot sales up.

The holiday season 2010 could be a big bonanza for Flat screen consumers. If you have been planning a television purchase, this is perhaps, the best time to go for it.

Make up your mind fast, you never know, if the demand rise up, it doesn’t take much time for the prices to shot up.

However, prices are expected to remain low, and would continue to fall down, till the stocks last.

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