$54 million lotteries win for a correction department employee

Saturday, September 25, 2010

$54 million lotteries win for a correction department employee

Imagine, one day you wake up from the bed to win a lottery which has $54 million prize money at stake, how would you react?

You may think you are not among such lucky folks.

                                       Garina Fearon, the $54 million mega lottery winner
It was exactly what happened with Garina Fearon, who took away home a sum of $54 million.

Little did she ever imagine that one day she would be the proud owner of a mega lottery winning number?

Short story about Garina Fearon

The woman before she won the lottery was a struggling single mom. A woman who had done all the hard work in her life, abused badly, even at her place of work.

She started her life as a homeless destitute, with no fixed place to live. Lived like a vagabond, and also carried hopes of her children alone.

Garina Fearon is from Jamaica, who still has her mother staying in her home city.

Her story of winning a mega lottery

Her story of winning the lottery was even more thrilling. She actually went to Sutter Avenue bodega, to play Powerball, where the winnings are small, but there are some chances of you winning the number.

However, she bought the wrong one, she had purchased a mega lottery ticket by mistake, the story has it that she somehow got the numbers right.

She is too preoccupied with her winnings, and says that she wants to purchase a home for her mother in Jamaica.

She says that she loves her job at the correction department and do not intend to leave the job, but rather take a short holiday.

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