3 reasons why Obama care is not working for the Americans

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 reasons why Obama care is not working for the Americans

Obama care has not delivered what it was expected to do; or rather it didn’t hold true to its promise.

There are many reasons which had actually disappointed the citizens of America.

Firstly, Obama care was not implemented properly. You could sense how critics had taken note of the program’s disadvantages and tried to focus on it.

Secondly, the Obama administration had not done enough to sell the concept of the program to the common man. There’s no doubt, Obama care certainly brings certain finer points to the table, but the popularity of the program had suffered due to its thoughtless implementation.

Here are 3 reasons why Obama care is not working for the Americans.

• Obama care had resulted in increase in insurance premiums. Now what does that mean?

You must remember that Obama care program is solely built to take care of the people, but no insurer would like to suffer by following any program.

The program specifically wants the insurer to cover the insurance policy for the policy holder’s children who are under the age of 26, which means that Insurers would have to suffer by providing that extra care, without charging any extra premium.

This is practically impossible. Insurers are left with no choice, and they have raised their premiums in some places, which are damaging the reputation of Obama care.

• Do you think Obama care covers elective abortion? The answer is probably, yes, but Obama care doesn’t work out with elective abortion always, practically speaking.

• If you are looking for tax rebates then you are advised to select only those insurance plans that are compatible with Obama care. Obama care only works with select insurance plans, lest you may lose your tax refunds.


Yvonne said...

The person that linked this post to mine also forgets that the American people are very diverse; many can't afford to purchase any policy and now that jobs are even more scarce they really can't afford to buy a policy; yet the law will stipulate that ALL American's must have a policy. Just the forcing of individuals to purchase something is completely unconstitutional. Add that to higher prices and I have seen other articles where they have even more to say against the Obamacare like the hidden extra costs. President Obama didn't lie when he stated that "the DEVIL's in the details."

Finance Magazine said...

I agree with you. You may be right. I am not taking sides. when the country faces tough economic times, the government keeps trying something new, to make it work for the people. I know many may not appreciate what Obama has done, but then he has tried to think out of the boxes to come out with solutions.

Anonymous said...

I believe that when the government steps in and forces you to buy health insurance and then fines you because you can't afford it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. So now there are a lot of people without healthcare because they can afford the fine but can't afford the insurance.
Brilliant!!!! So how do we fix this mess? It worked so much better before the affordable healthcare act. wasn't around or even thought of.

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