Your Body Language Could Make or Break Your Interview

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Your Body Language Could Make or Break Your Interview

Body language can be recognised by all of us and is used by both animals and humans alike. It’s one thing we cannot lie about, and interviewers know this all too well. Good body language can easily determine whether or not you’ll get the job, so it is vital that you are aware of yourself at all times. One wrong move and it could end things there and then. Here, we take a closer look at what you should look out for, and what potential employers want to see on you.

Tips for interview

Eye Contact
You must always keep a clear eye contact with others as it shows off your confidence. It can also demonstrate your general attitude as you can tell quite a lot from someone’s glare. For instance, wide eyes suggests alertness and awareness, which could be a sign that you’re a bit nervous or over enthusiastic. On the other hand, heavy eyes that look pretty inactive tend to suggest laziness or a lack of care. Finding a perfect balance can be a pain, but it’s not difficult. As tricky as it sounds, the best thing to do is to blank your mind. It is far easier for interviewers to talk to blank canvas than it is for them to speak to someone experiencing different emotions.

Vocal Tone
When people talk to us we don’t usually register much about it, but the cogs in the back of our heads can tell what that person is feeling. There are obvious signs that someone isn’t feeling confident such as stutters and corrections, but there are also more subtle signs that interviewers keep a close eye on, including the pace in which you speak, and also the pitch. It is harder to monitor some body language traits as different people have different views on what sounds normal, at least to them. Try to speak in a relatively soft tone, and don’t rush your words. The people interviewing you are human too, so they can understand the position you’re in.

You would never think that sitting down could say much about you, but you can, in fact, see certain traits and behaviours from this action. If you look too laid back, or look like you’re trying too hard, it is likely to go against you. You also need to keep an eye on where your hands and arms are. Many people play with their fingers when they are nervous, so keep an eye out. To add to that, the placement of your arms can also indicate your moods as open arms are much more welcoming and inviting than closed ones. Try and hold up straight when you are being interviewed, and don’t start playing around with the buttons on your top.

It’s never going to be a breeze, but it doesn’t have to be a battle. You have to remember that as much as the interview, the way you have it is crucial, your interviewers won’t like you to feel uncomfortable or stressed. Take a deep breath, settle down, and just be you. You can find more interviewresources, and other hints and tips online. 

Author: Amber Waddy

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