Why do I want to earn big money

Friday, September 14, 2018

Why do I want to earn big money

Everyone wants to earn big, it’s true, but very few probably wants to work hard for it. Now, even if you take the number of those who wants to work hard to earn money, a little higher, there are very few who would like to work harder when they have enough. 

The feeling of sufficiency restricts human beings to push for big money. Sufficiency leads to contentment, which tells your mind to relax and let success come to you, rather than you going for it.

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Then why people who have enough and those who are satisfied would push for big money. Can there be a reason? It’s hard for people to get out of that mindset and pursue goals for big money. Still, many do go for it. For me, it’s the self worth, which actually propels us to go for big money. The feeling of earning big money even if it’s for a shorter period gives the feeling of improving one’s self worth. That feeling of high tells something - it tells that one has improved one’s worth. This is how you feel – “I am more worthy now than I was before”. 

Though, the situation may change dramatically the next moment if you don’t produce results on a consistent basis, for instance if your business doesn’t produce results. But the larger point here is that you may still want to pursue your ambition of achieving bigger dreams because in the hindsight you know for sure that success of earning big money somewhere gives you the renewed feeling of improving self worth, which somehow makes your life beautiful on a mental level. That’s also one of the reasons why people fight to make a comeback in business when their business doesn’t perform, even if they may have everything else in life. 

How do you fight the feeling of sufficiency?

Sufficiency is a barrier which may at times kill your chances of moving forward. It makes you lazy, and at the same time gives you a feeling of false pride. You tend to dwell in the past; perhaps shying away from future, believing that the shell you are in now is enough to face the uncertain future. Yes, it may be true, but life doesn’t tell you to restrict your thoughts and bring down your adventurous instinct.

The moment you start thinking that life has more to it, and there’s a possibility to understand life much better, you then want to come out of the shell – to possibly explore further. The adventurous instinct within you refuses to stay content. That’s the moment things change for you because you begin reflecting on the areas you never thought existed. 

Your self esteem gets beaten. 

You want to improve. You also want to try hard to remove misconceptions about life and pursue goals which seemed surreal earlier. 

You know something – you will not live forever in this world. The moment you realize this fact you will try and make the best use of your time and improve as much as possible to achieve greater success, as well as to banish any feeling of sufficiency that you may have.

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