How to Afford College Tuition

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to Afford College Tuition

The cost of tuition can be daunting. It’s so intimidating that many academically gifted students fail to apply. College is affordable if you follow these creative steps towards securing your degree. If you’re not at the top of your class or are not a gift athlete, funding for college is still available.  Don’t make the mistake of selecting an expensive private university where your degree will be saddled with mountains of debt.

One of the most economical options is to enroll in a local community college for the first two years of a four year degree. The tuition is a fraction of the cost of a state university and, provided strong grades are attained, these credits will generally transfer to a four year university. 

Plan to maintain at least a part time job throughout the fall and spring semester and a full time position in the summer months. The earning from the part time job will be sufficient to cover expenses. Grants are available for low income community college students that are sufficient to cover tuition and books.

Living at home is the most economical option while attending community college. This will keep your expenses low. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy the bargains on basic apparel at Charlotte Russe. Remind yourself of your long term goal of graduating debt free and your self-discipline will pay off. College graduates have substantially higher lifetime earnings than high school graduates.  You are making a smart investment in your future.  This means limiting discretionary spending while in college.

At the completion of two years at the local community college, make arrangement to transfer to an in state, four year university to complete your degree. Living accommodations can be bartered for child care or elderly care.  Check the local listings well in advance of the semester start date. Apply for grants available to low income college students. Maintain a full time status as required by grant guidelines. Secure a part time position and continue working during the semester.  It is possible to graduate debt free regardless of your financial circumstances. Best of luck to you!

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