Selecting the right ERP system that fits your Company

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Selecting the right ERP system that fits your Company

Unfortunately, scores of businesses these days tend to commit a grave slip-up of selecting an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system first and then altering all their business processes to conform to the newly introduced ERP system later. Don’t amount to such a list of companies. Rather, indulge in some careful pre-analysis of your business and its diverse needs before choosing new ERP software.v

Though, we certainly can’t deny the power of ERP for a business, but we also can’t rebuff the significance of understanding what an Enterprise Resource Planning solution can do to your business.
Here’s a rundown on certain core benefits of ERP and tips to leverage it for boosting productivity and curbing overhead expenditures to a great extent.

Picking the Best ERP for your Business
A foremost step is to identify as what would be the best ERP software for your business. For this, it is advisable to stress on your business objectives. For instance, are you craving to uplift your business for long run or simply intend to boost sales on an interim basis to attain that quarterly goal? Your answers to these questions will wide open the doors in determining the type of ERP solution that your business requires.
Also, a careful pre-analysis of all your current business practices should go down in your plan book. Further, documentation of such pre-analysis will help you better determine the type of ERP solution that fits your company.
If ERP evaluation reveals a gap between the recommendations and daily business operations, it is a tell-tale sign that your business is failing to meet all its needs. Moreover, whilst you might want to take care of all the ERP solutions on your own, there are a lot of them that are best to be outsourced.
Indulge in some Q&A sessions
As you embark on the journey of picking the right ERP software, it is always a wise move to ask yourself these below-mentioned questions to cut through the crap.
  • How will the ERP software help your industry sector?
  • Is the ERP system equipped with all the required resources to help you attain your business objectives/goals?
  • Is the ERP system flexible and mobile-friendly?
These questions will apparently help you zero in on the best ERP system that fits your business.

Understand what the ERP system is capable of
The ERP system you intend to choose must address the painpoints pertaining to the:
  • Operating system and server
  • Distributor and vendor capabilities
  • Training module
  • Objectives
  • Total ownership cost

Irrespective of the industry vertical your business is operating in, it is always advisable to engulf the expert advice of an ERP consultant prior to embarking on a particular system. This plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you utilize all your resources optimally.

Author: Rashmi Singh

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