Be Thrift as a Student 5 Ways to Save Money

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Be Thrift as a Student 5 Ways to Save Money

Nobody ever said being a student was cheap. Although, you have fewer bills to worry about, you still have things to pay for, and you have less money to spare. Studying can be a beautiful thing, and it gives you the opportunity to better yourself, both in education and as a person. 
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If you're studying, but struggling to save money, there are little changes that you need to make in order to spend less and save more. Being thrifty as a student will save you the problems that you might encounter later in life, such as trying to get a credit card debt relief to settle your debts after a few years of outrageous spending habits.

Look for discounts 

Don't walk past vouchers and discount codes, and be aware that there are many discounts and offers out there - you just have to look carefully to find them. One way to make sure that you always receive the discount codes is by signing up for newsletters of your preferred shops. You can also download voucher code apps onto your Smartphone so that you can go through it now and then and find few appealing offers. Try not to buy things simply because they're on offer - buy things you actually need. You can even sign up on websites like Groupon since they often have substantial savings on things you'll need at some point. 

Make sure you have your student card

Lots of stores, especially clothes stores, offer discounts for those with student cards. Make sure you bring yours around in your case or in your pocket, and you could find yourself saving lots of money on your clothes shopping. Don't go for shopping too often though.

Say yes to charity shops 

While many students don't like the idea of second hand shops, you can get terrific bargains in these kinds of shops. Remember not everything is second hand - some people throw unwanted gifts and clothing away, which they have bought and never used. Even if you don't get anything from the store, you can at least have a look in case you find things to your liking. It's not just clothing - you can also get electrical goods and things for your home, such as bathroom accessories and new CDs. It's all going to help charity so you can save money as well as do something good. 

Save your birthday/Christmas money and gifts 

Just because someone has given you an extra bit of money as a gift doesn't mean that you have to go out and fill it. Save it in your savings account and use it throughout the year for little things that you want. You could even keep it up along with other money you receive and buy yourself something when you finish your studies, such as a new car or a piece of driving lesson to get you started off on the road. 

Keep a record of everything you spend 

As a student trying to be thrifty, it's incredibly essential to keep records of everything you buy and any money you spend so that you know where it's all going to. If you have the time to be more organised, you could review your spending after a month and see what's taking up most of your money. If you check out every weekend, go out once a fortnight instead - that'll automatically reduce your night out spending by half!

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