Are you eligible to become a successful customs broker

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are you eligible to become a successful customs broker

There is a certain eligibility criteria required to become a customs broker. It is not just about holding a license to undertake import operations. Irrespective of which country you belong to, or whether you manage your business offline or have your own website to transact online business, every broker needs to have a license, but there is a larger picture hidden behind being a broker. It’s about how knowledgeable you are.

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Do you know the intricacies of import?

Importing has a complex system. It’s not possible to understand the system, without learning about it. That’s one reason, why many countries have made it mandatory to pass exams before being given a license to run customs operations. There is a lot to understand about entry of products, different products have different limitations. It is imperative to understand the valuation of products so that you can calculate the penalties on goods. 

Once you are aware of a product’s limitations, you will be able to provide consultation to potential clients in a much better way. 

Consultation is the key

You may get a license, but to run a business successfully, you have to offer consultation, sometimes in a concise manner, and at times elaborately. There are many customs broker, including online customs broker who have placed high significance on consultation, and have been able to build their clients list and offer quality service, on the basis of their expert knowledge. 

There is a word of caution for you. Always stay updated about the key information in the field of importing. It’s not only about penalties, but also to a larger extent about the taxes on goods being imported. If you had given wrong advice to any of your clients, and the clients follow it, then, you stand to suffer the consequences, provided the information turns out to be messy. 

Therefore, you are advised to understand the rates of goods, fees associated with goods, and should be able to administer the entire process of import, till the time it reaches its final destination. When you are aware of the whole process, your confidence could turn out to be infectious and make clients trust you.

Having a good PR team helps

Public relation exercise is certainly a vital factor here because it lays the foundation for building clients, and brings old clients back to the fold. Your intensity to succeed entirely depends not just on how well you accomplish your job, but also on how well you handle your clients after you have delivered the service.  Don’t take PR exercise as a normal procedural venture. It can turn out to be the factor, which decides, whether you eventually succeed or not.

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Jennifer Jones has the experience of working for a leading customs broker. She still deals with Customs and loves offering advice.

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