Smart printing tips for longer surviving ink cartridges

Friday, December 20, 2013

Smart printing tips for longer surviving ink cartridges

Contemporary business battles are being won on costs, and in order to do that, you need to maintain strict control on all the line items of your expense sheets. If you begin to analyze your expenses, you’ll realize that repetition purchases of ink cartridges quickly overshoot the cost of the printer! If there’s one area where you have ample room for creating space for savings, it has to be that of ink cartridges. Of course, one way to do that would be to always be on the hunt for massive discounts on a large range of Epson cartridges. Endorsing long term ink, cartridge longevity tips, are bound to help you keep the expenses under control.

Don't dazzle the ink cartridge with extreme temperatures
It is paramount that the ink cartridges are not exposed to ultra-hot or ultra-cold temperatures. Moreover, the ink in the cartridge could vanish if the atmosphere in which the printer works is too hot. In fact, it is not uncommon for printing intensive departments in offices to be using humidifiers to keep the temperature regulated.                   

Explore the economy printing options of the printer

Plainly put, economy mode printing could save you as much as 40% of ink usage per print. You only have to use basic mathematics to work out the annual savings it could mean to you, just to click on the draft printing, or econo-mode printing option. Of course, if you're worried that poor quality prints could be used in communication with clients, you could deploy a specific printer for all outgoing print jobs, and retain another printer, working in the econo-mode, to be used for internal document printing.

Print only what’s required  

The rule to remember here is – consider every useless print job to be a dollar burnt! It is, without a doubt, realistic to assume that there’s useless printing going on in your office all the time. Make it a rule for your employees to ask themselves questions about the necessity of taking out prints before they head over to the printer. When you’re taking prints from web pages, make it certain that you remove the excess logos and banners that typically get printed alongside the text portion of the page, thus consuming a lot more ink than required. 

Avoid intermittent use of the printer
It is always advisable that you keep the printer’s machinery warmed up, and not let it stay dormant for periods exceeding a fortnight. So, make it a point to run at least one print job after a couple of weeks, if the printer hasn’t been used at all in the period. 

Let the printer be prepared for being switched off

 It is an avoidable exercise for you to switch the printer off while it’s not come to rest in terms of the horizontal head that houses the cartridge. Sudden stoppage of the cartridge compartment could lead to ink leakage and could ruin the insides of the printer.

Author: Dhanjit D

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