Financial tips for a man on his first date

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Financial tips for a man on his first date

No one likes to think about finances when getting ready for the first date. Your mind is preoccupied with preconceived plans, wearing the right clothes, speaking the right words, and making sure you don’t offend her with your silly actions.

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You may probably think about keeping enough cash in your pocket; however, there’s more to the whole drama. Your mindset in regard to finances, also says a lot about you. There could be a lot of money stashed somewhere inside the pocket, but your attitude means a lot.

Never carry the appearance that you are aware of having enough money in your pocket

Sometimes such appearances may work to your best with some of the girls, but if you are on a date with a financially well established woman, it might look cheap. Such an attitude will pass on the point that you give undue significance to finance, and will be looked upon as someone who is perhaps, still, financially not yet secure. It may also make you appear arrogant. 

I know a lot of friends from my college days carried this attitude, to make their presence felt, and also to pass on the message to the girl that they belong to affluent families. In fact, many were successful, but most of the girls who came along were opportunists who vanished before it was too late.

How do you react while ordering for food in a restaurant?

I had known people who reacted miserably on their first date. Ordering for food is one area, which can tell a lot about you. Many guys, particularly, on their first date with lots of money in their pocket, in order to impress the girl would throw their weight around while ordering for food. They would show with their reactions that they have enough in their pocket. It’s the discomfort posture, which could be quite disturbing and annoying. 

 Make it a normal process, and don’t ever give undue importance. The best part would be to ask her food preferences. And if you don’t have enough in your pocket, never end up sitting in a 5 star restaurant. Pick a restaurant according to your budget and take it easy.  

Paying the bill

Pay your restaurant bills without a drama. Slip a tip to the waiter inside the bill book. If you try and spend a generous tip and in the process make it obvious, just to impress your girl, then you have probably, done everything to tarnish your image. 

Money gives you a lot of confidence. It’s no different while you are on your date, especially, on your first date with a woman. Having the knowledge that your pocket has enough to take care of your first date expenses will make you relaxed and comfortable. Remember, the more comfortable you will be, the better you will behave.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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