How to buy a Sony PlayStation 4 with $99

Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to buy a Sony PlayStation 4 with $99


After seven years and 75,000,000 PlayStation 3 sold worldwide; Sony will release its new console PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013 in the United States of America and Canada with a price tag of $399
This article will explain to you how to make $300 in the stock market through one ETF.

You will need a brokerage account and at least $2,000 to do this.

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Please do not try to do this with less cash. I am using a $10 broker which means you will pay $10 when you buy the ETF and another $10 when you sell it.

If your current broker charges you more then, you need to fix the initial investment a bit in order to pay your broker 1% or less. This is critical.

If you are a grandparent with a lot of grandchildren then just increase your initial investment to at least $20,000 if you are going to need a dozen of these toys or if you are a small business owner that sells or rents consoles on several small towns and you are going to need at least 100 of these then just increase your initial investment to at least $200,000

It does not matter if you only need one or many. The strategy works exactly the same for every type of investor. All you need to change is the number of shares you are buying.

How do I make $300-$30,000 within six months?

Last year, the S&P 500 went up by 13%

We need a return on our investment of at least 30%, which you can, easily obtain just buying the ETF SSO which returns twice the amount of the S&P 500.

With this simple financial transaction, you can just wait six months and probably get the 30% we need, unless, of course, the S&P 500 falls in 2013 which is something that does not happen often but still possible.

Since 1975, the S&P 500 has fallen only 8 times. 

Don’t forget to setup a Stop Loss at 20% just in case the stock market crashes in 2013 or 2014. This strategy will save you 25% of the time. Keep in mind you can still recover your losses if you just weather the storm and wait another year.

The market always rebounds after a down year. The only exception is the years 2001 and 2002 after the Internet bubble was destroyed. 75% of the time you can just wait another year and you will be fine.
You don’t need someone to help you if you want to make $300 within a year. Doing the same amount of money in just six months requires more skill.

You can contact me if you want me to choose the right time to buy this ETF for you. Just send me a note at Seeking Alpha with the subject SSO and your email address as the message and I will help you out for free.
You will receive an alert like this: BUY SSO at $82

After your order has been executed, you must send an email with the price you paid and the commission your broker is charging you in order to calculate a customized exit point just for you.

Even if two readers buy the same ETF at the same price they cannot just get a tweet from me because one of them may have a $9.99 broker like TD Ameritrade and another one a $20 broker like Vanguard.

You will get the alerts for free for six months or fewer until we have reached our target of $300, $3000 or $30,000 depending on your initial investment.


$1.39 billion is currently invested in this ETF. Let’s see if I can help Sony to sell 150,000,000 PlayStation 4 by 2020 using only your Smartphone and at least a couple of thousands of your dollars.

If you know someone who wants to buy a Sony PlayStation 4 and has a Smartphone and at least $2,000 then share this article with him. Some people make us happy with songs like Adele and others just sell Sony PlayStation 4 for $99

We do what we can and make others happy. Consider this a $300 rebate for your PlayStation but instead of coming directly from Sony it’s coming from me.

You can still lose 10% of your money following my lead. If you cannot handle that then go to your local bank and lend them your money, they will probably pay you 30% in 10 years, but by that time the Sony PlayStation 4 will be obsolete and you won’t create any jobs at Sony which we could use in these times of high unemployment.

Sony currently has 146,300 employees. Let’s see if we can increase that number to 292,600 by 2020

 Author: Alejandro GuillĂș Mendoza

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