Significance of learning foreign languages

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Significance of learning foreign languages

Boost Your Career by the use of Foreign Languages

Learning foreign languages can be your passport to a lucrative career. This article focuses on foreign languages that are in vogue and various institutions offering courses in these languages.

With an increase in the scope of job prospects in the global market, learning a foreign language like German, French, or Spanish is the need of the hour. There are several reasons that increase the importance of being bilingual. 

Why Learn a Foreign Language? 

  • To enhance global understanding: Knowing another language enhances the international awareness and allows access to different career opportunities. With globalization, where people and nations are increasingly dependent on each other for the distribution of various services and products, understanding each other’s culture is essential. An individual having knowledge of the other language can be successfully engaged in promoting world peace and international trade.

  • Self-Development: Learning a new language not only enhances your expertise in pronunciation and grammar, but also offers a fresh perspective to see the world. You get more versatile and responsive to tune in a new culture.

  • Competitive Advantage: Bilingual students gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts in terms of educational and employment opportunities. In order to meet the global challenges in the market, young students in India are eager to learn popular languages like Russian, German and French to add weight to their CV.

  • Academic benefits: Learning foreign languages boosts the academic skills of a candidate and develops the knack in writing and reading. According to several studies, bilingual students are believed to be more competent than their monolingual counterparts. It is a proven way to hone your skills and earn some brownie points at a job interview.

  • Opportunity to Travel the World: Those who love to travel the world can find learning a foreign language useful.

  • Opens Avenue for Education Abroad: Learning another language widens horizons and opens new avenues for seeking higher education in international institutions.
Choosing a Language

Choosing an appropriate foreign language to learn is essential. With globalization, foreign language courses are finding numerous takers among young students. Languages such as Spanish, German, Japanese and French are commercial ones and much in vogue.

It is necessary to consider several factors at the time of choosing a language for learning. 

  • Learning French and Spanish

Your choice of learning a language can be a choice as per your career plans. However, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to understand as its grammar, words and syntax are usually similar to that of English. It is one of the most widely spoken languages like English. The pronunciation of French can be tricky, but its syntax is much similar to English. Thus, the similarity to English makes Spanish and French language learning a fun.
  • Learning German
    Learning German language is quiet difficult than French and Spanish learning. It is another popular language in India to learn, however, its complex applicability and syntax makes it quite difficult.

    • Learning Chinese and Japanese
    To learn another language, its similarity to the language we know makes it easier for the person to understand it quickly. It is time taking to learn Chinese as it comes from an entirely different language origins. The takers of this language are mostly business professionals, translators and students. Japanese and Chinese look much similar. As a matter of fact, they are remarkably different from each other when spoken. Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn.

    Job prospects

    Taking up a foreign language opens up an array of lucrative options. Nowadays, there are several companies in national and international market that look for language translators, online content writers, academician, and decoders. Translators are much in demand, in various multinational companies and call centers, and are offered attractive salary packages. Proficiency in a different language offer employment opportunities in tourism, mass communication, public relations and consular services. There is no shortage of jobs in back-end operations, in multinational companies who hire people with a good command over Spanish, German, Mandarin and French.  

    So, get ready to explore new career avenues in learning different languages. It not only offers a long-term career but is also a fun!

    Author Bio-

    Swati Srivastava is a professional writer who likes to write about different topics on education. The information given in her article is useful for students to acquire required information about learning German language, French, Chinese and Japanese.

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