The Cardinal Rules of Gold Investment

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Cardinal Rules of Gold Investment

Throughout the years gold as an investment has remained one of the most reliable choices you could make and will probably remain so for years. It seems that just about every year the price of gold goes up, making it a safe and secure way to ensure your savings increase. If you're interested in getting into the game as well, here are some of the cardinal rules that you should be following.

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1. Always leave food on the table

Once you start investing in gold they can quickly become quite addicting. Make sure that you budget out a fixed amount that you can set aside for investments in gold and don't dip into funds that's needed for everyday living. When you can afford gold as an investment, you'll feel better about the decisions you're making and will probably move on with your investments for many years to come.

2. It’s precious metal

One of things to keep in mind is that gold is precious metal. You are investing in something solid and real instead of putting your money into something that you simply can’t touch and feel like an investment bond that is only represented by a piece of paper. It takes a lot of work to find gold and then pick it just like you see on the gold-mining TV shows. When you consider all of the work that actually goes into bringing the gold up from the earth so that it can be physically placed in your hands, no wonder the price of gold is so high!

3. When you're, looking for reliable security

Make an investment in gold bullion. While you also have the option of purchasing a gold ETF, this is much like the assurance that we just spoke about that consists merely of a piece of paper saying that you have an investment that is being held elsewhere. When you buy pure gold as an investment instead of a gold reserve you'll be able to look at your investment and know that it is there at all times. If times were to become seriously nasty, you could use your gold coins or bars for bartering purposes. It's hard to negotiate anything when it's just in the form of a piece of paper.

4. Find a reputable dealer that you can trust

The most crucial part of investing is working with a broker who you think you can trust. At this point,  you'll be able to select the type of gold that you want to invest in and collect from this broker whenever you have some extra money set aside. 

5. Secure your gold properly

After you have gone through the hard work of investing in your gold, you’ll need to keep it well-secured. It's a brilliant idea to make another investment at this point in the form of a heavyweight safe that is also fireproof to keep in your home. You should also have a robust security alarm set up for your home to protect your gold and all of the other valuables that you have in it. As well, keep in mind that the less people know about your gold bullion stock the less likely you are to have any security problems.

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