Natural Gifts in Your Choice of a Career

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Natural Gifts in Your Choice of a Career

Multiple Intelligences

Whether you are just beginning to choose your life’s work or are contemplating a mid-career change, factors other than normal IQ should influence your decision. Howard Gardner had put the theory of multiple intelligences in the 1980‘s, and it has substantially revised how a person’s public perception is viewed. His book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, sites eight different areas that are not fully assessed by any IQ test and yet profoundly contribute to one’s extensive knowledge by taking into account how people differ in their methods of learning. 

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Depending upon one’s natural tendencies, an individual learns best through certain specific areas of the brain. People uncomfortable with Gardner’s theories claim that he has isolated abilities or aptitudes rather than intelligences.  Nevertheless, this notion of varied intelligences may assist you in your search for the best career advice to suit your natural gifts.

Visual and Spatial Intelligence

One of the most stunning areas examined is spatial intelligence. It is a person’s ability to learn visually and to believe in pictures. A person can expect physical objects in 3D with remarkable accuracy.  The imagined object can then be rotated, adjusted from the original image and can be viewed from different angles, all within the mind’s eye.  

Visual and spatial intelligence allows a person to see the outcome of manipulating an idea in his or her mind before actually touching the actual item in question.  While visual and spatial intelligence are closely related, spatial intelligence is the ability to create an image of an object in the mind without ever seeing it.

Visual and Spatial Intelligence Characteristics

If you have this ability, you can imagine vividly and follow the planned course of nature and its aftermath in your mind before taking the first step. You are particularly good at remembering a picture, map reading, puzzle solving, have a strong sense of color and often have strong little motor skills. You can easily identify patterns and are good at interpreting charts and graphs. Finally, you have the ability to make a decent kind of information in a variety of forms. Understanding this type of information within yourself can help guide you to a rewarding career choice.

Career advice 

Architect - The ability to create a solid design in mind before a single stone is laid is a tremendous asset to an architect.  The career demands appropriate spatial arrangement of almost every aspect.

Visual Artist- Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator, Photographer - All of these requires the ability to render an idea into a physical manifestation.  The ability to render objects in the correct proportion and color are equally indispensable.

- Mapmakers of the earth, sea, and, sky, are often charting places they have never seen and yet, they have guided travellers for thousands of years.  Again, creating the correct spatial relationship of objects to one another is central to this skill.

Design: Graphic, Interior, Fashion
- These three disciplines all pull from the ability to visualize the finished product and its role with perfect accuracy.  Skills with color, dimensions and construction are all essential to successful design.

Other Possible Career Choices:

Air Traffic Controller
Urban Planner
Computer Programmer

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