Things to know before you buy a website

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things to know before you buy a website

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Most of the website buyers I met are a first time buyers, and, therefore, they all are somehow insecure, and these first time buyers have this habit of asking ridiculous questions. Some of these questions are – ‘My girl friend has made $1,000 last month from her website. Where can I get the Google Adsense Code?’

As if Google is calling everyone and distributing free Adsense code in the market. The other bespectacled guy I met last week asked me, “How can I earn at least $700-800 a month from my site”. I replied by asking him, “How old is your website?”

He said, “I don’t have a website now, I am planning to buy one”

Therefore, I thought, why not write a straight forward piece, so that these wimps will find the answers before they buy a website. 

Now before, you start thinking about any income from a website; here are few basic steps you should follow when you decide to buy a website.  

Learn about the website’s host

Figure out the hosts, and also learn how many days or months are left before you have to renew the hosting service. It’s vital that you know the host name. Some hosting services such as blogger don’t have a Cpanel, and; therefore, you cannot directly transfer the website. Knowing the host will help you plan things effectively. 

About Domain registration

Finding and knowing how many days are left for the renewal of domain registration is equally vital. Also, the fact that you got to know about who the domain registrar is, so that when you want to transfer the domain to a particular hosting service, it will be much easier to get the pin and easily transfer the name.

Buy sites whose niche you are familiar with

Don’t step your foot on uncharted territory, a jolly old saying, but fits rightly when buying websites. If you are good at finance, and don’t know much about health, avoid buying health sites, but look for finance sites and you will create more value to your site.

Learn about the site’s revenue

A website’s revenue numbers will give you a clue how much the site is targeted. The top earning sites has a lot of targeted visitors. If your budget permits, buy sites that have a good number of targeted visitors.

Are you willing to commit

Believe me, no matter how much money you pour onto your website, but if you can’t devote enough time and maintain your site, you are bound to fail. Running a website requires patience and willingness to experiment. If you can’t do either of this, don’t buy a website.

Be patient and take advice from those who have already been there in the business. That’s the best way to purchase a website.

Author: Rajiv Sighamony.

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