Visualize Savings with Disposable Contact Lenses

Monday, January 28, 2013

Visualize Savings with Disposable Contact Lenses

Many people who may benefit from switching from regular contact lenses to disposable lenses hesitate to do so because of cost. While it is true that disposables cost more up front than most secure contact lenses, that increased cost is often offset by the elimination of the need to obtain and keep cleaning supplies. Comparison shopping can also often result in significant savings on disposable contact lenses. Rebates from manufacturers and retailers are also often available. Even more savings are possible if lenses are purchased in bulk - reducing the cost of wearing disposables to about one dollar US per day.

 Disposable versus Permanent - What's the Difference

 There are actually two categories of short term wear contact lenses that are included in the general category of disposable lenses. Lenses designed to be replaced at least every two weeks are called disposable. Frequent replacement lenses are designed to be replaced monthly or every three months. By contrast, regular or permanent contact lenses are designed to be replaced only after six months or longer.

 Wearing Schedule and Replacement Schedule

 It's also essential to recognize wearing schedule from replacement schedule. Wearing schedule refers to how long contact lenses are worn before they are removed. Daily wear lenses are only worn during a single day, then removed at night. Extended wear lenses are worn continuously even while sleeping for more than two days. Replacement schedule refers to how frequently users must request replacement lenses, and refers to the categories listed above: disposable, frequent replacement or permanent or reusable.

 Saving Money with Disposable Contact Lenses 

 The key to saving money with disposable contact lenses is to understand the advice of the popular song, “you better shop around.”  If your insurance policy covers contact lenses, check the prices listed with the policy's preferred vendor. Your eye doctor may be able to provide you a deal, especially if you're ready to take a year's worth of disposables during a single purchase. Chain retailers, mass merchants and online outlets are also candidates for cost savings on disposable contact lenses.

 Once you've gathered a list of possibilities, it's time to compare and contrast different options. Online outlets often offer significant savings over brick-and-mortar shops, especially if they offer free shipping.  On the other hand, you won't be able to walk out the door with your lenses, although many online outlets offer overnight shipping. Most online stores now have all the well known brands like Focus Dailies, Acuvue Moist and Biofinity.

 Enhanced Eye Comfort 

 It's worth the extra effort involved to comparison shop for bargains on disposable contact lenses. Many eye care professionals recommend disposable contact lenses for their patients who are able to take them.  Why? Quite simply, they're usually more comfortable for wearers. In addition, many individuals who find it difficult to take permanent contact lenses think that they can wear disposable lenses comfortably.

 With permanent contact lenses, daily cleaning is a prerequisite to remove lipids and debris that make up during the course of a day's wearing. However, even with careful cleaning, it's difficult to remove 100 percent of the impurities that make up on contact lenses. Disposable lenses eliminate the need for cleaning, and because wearers introduce a fresh set of lenses every time, the risk of irritation and infection is dramatically lowered.

 About the author- 

Richard Harrelson is a personal finance blogger, and he has been using disposable lenses for years. He enjoys writing on ways people can save money on ordering. His articles typically appear on personal finance blogs.

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