Is Section8 Housing a Good Idea

Monday, December 31, 2012

Is Section8 Housing a Good Idea

Government subsidy always had advantages and disadvantages. Like in the case of government housing subsidies which have helped support people in real dire shelter needs and also pampered those who have become too dependent on government. In this light, is Section 8 Housing a good idea? Here are some points to consider:

Initial Aid for the Underprivileged

Government housing subsidies are designed to support the underprivileged while they are eking out a living and gradually trying to get out of poverty. In the meantime that they do this, the government pays for at least half of the rent for their apartment. With Section 8, the government pays directly to the landlord.

Is section 8 housing a good idea in this case? Definitely, it is a good idea because it helps alleviate the plight of the poor, especially where rent payment is concerned, and all this while they work hard to improve their life. With such government housing subsidies, poverty alleviation is more realistic.

Lifetime Dependency

On the other hand, there are also people who have taken a wrong view of subsidies and depended on them throughout life. Instead of being a way out of poverty, subsidies have pinned them to dependent bankruptcy. Thus, some people have a negative impression about subsidized housing, doubting their effectiveness. So, is Section 8 Housing a good idea? In light of this, it does not seem to be so.

Tenants’ View

At first glance, having the government pay almost half of tenants’ rent through government vouchers seems a good idea. But some sectors feel that this is somewhat misleading. There is the fear of having the area market rate or apartment unit appraisal too low to reduce subsidies to an unrealistic level. This results to tenants getting very low subsidies to pay for high rents, leaving them deeply indebted in the end.

So, from the viewpoint of a tenant, is Section 8 Housing a good idea?
However, who would not be happy with subsidized rental? Either too low or just the right amount of subsidy is good enough than no subsidy at all. It definitely is a big help and welcome development.

Landlords’ View

With requirements to have their apartments inspected for improvements and also attend a seminar on the matter, some landlords are having second thoughts about Section 8. They view the inspection would merely entail added expenses and so would the seminar.

Moreover, some are concerned about Section 8 tenants most of whom are reportedly troublesome and often cause property damage. However, other landlords take comfort in the provision stating their right to screen tenants and evict those who prove to be unruly.

In addition, it is always good business to be assured of at least half the rent of tenants at the end of the month. And this is guaranteed no less than by the government. And the best thing is that the local authorities will pay directly to landlords, ensuring security of payment, instead of risking loss if the subsidy were to go through tenants.

And some sectors of landlords are happy that more homeless will be helped by the policy as their businesses are helped as well.

Whether Section 8 is a bad or good idea depends on how people will treat the idea of subsidy. Generally, all subsidies are born out of good intention. If the intention is welcomed with an equally good life purpose, they are indeed good ideas.

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