Car Lease Should it be considered as the practical way to drive a car

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Car Lease Should it be considered as the practical way to drive a car

Practicality, finance, budget and desirability all come into the equation when considering a new vehicle and therefore a car lease can often help to tick all the boxes in one go.

Using a car lease means that you can effectively budget a fixed monthly sum to cover the cost of driving a brand new car.  This therefore, helps to make it a much more practical way of getting your hands on a new car straight away without the worry of hidden surprises or the delay in saving or additional cost of taking out loans or finance in order to purchase a car outright.

What makes a car lease even more practical is the fact that after the term is completed you can simply hand it back and then decide if you want to upgrade to a new car that fits your need and budget at the same time.  This gives you the flexibility to continually upgrade your car and make sure you are always driving the newest models or driving the cars that suit you and your family’s evolving needs.  For example, today a two seater sports car may be the ideal choice for you, but in two years time, with a couple of new kids thrown into the mix, you may well be looking for a large, safe family saloon instead!

By opting for a car lease, you maintain the practicality of changing your car often enough to suit ever changing needs without the constant worry of depreciation, car insurance and the delays and problems associated with buying and selling cars in the second hand market.

Of course, one of the nastiest surprises about motoring is repairs and maintenance which often come when you least need them.  One of the best things about a car lease that makes it much more practical than to buy a car is that you can add a small additional amount to your monthly payment to cover almost all aspects of your maintenance, meaning that everything from car tax through to routine servicing and even tyres are all covered in your monthly payments, therefore, eliminating any sudden nasty surprises that sap your bank account at the least convenient of times!  Does it get much more practical than that?

So, if practicality is your thing– You may well be able to drive something a bit newer and more prestigious than you thought while still maintaining plenty of practicality through the power of car leasing!

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