Career Options in the Health Care Industry

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Career Options in the Health Care Industry

The health care sector remains as one of the leading industries in terms of demand, wage increases and job growth in all career and economic projections across the U.S. By the time 2016 is around, number of jobs in this sector, which is around 14 million at present, is expected to rise to seventeen million. Not only is healthcare the largest sector in the U.S, but it also provides the largest career opportunities.

Where to find employment

A variety of jobs encompass the term health care industry.Based on your decisions on educational choices and career path, you may hunt jobs anywhere from a private care center to a fifteen-story hospital. Some places where you can be employed as a medical professional include nursing homes, hospitals, physician’s office, residential care facilities, dentist’s office, specialized health care units, home health care, laboratories and outpatient centres.

Your place of work will decide how many hours you will have to work, the salary you will earn, and also the vacation and health care benefits that you can avail. For instance, every Saturday and Sunday is holidays at private offices and the first five days of the week are working days. However, if you work in a hospital, you will have to be ready for rotating shifts at any time, and may even have to work on holidays. Following are a few career options you may assess in the health care industry.

Dental Assisting

You will have to undergo an on-the-job or formal training process for a year as a dental assistant. Career growth is very high in this division of the health care industry. The job responsibilities will include working with a dentist in his/her office and assisting them in dental procedures and providing patient care. You may also have to sterilize instruments, take X-rays, make implants such as crowns, prepare patients and help in implementing pro-operative care.  

Health Care Administrator

It is essential for you to have the right certification along with a Bachelor Degree in the relevant field if you want to become a health care administrator. You will bear responsibility for supervising the provision of care at all kinds of facilities that include complying with local and federal laws, supervising the staff, purchasing supplies, preparing reports and handling budgets.

Massage Therapist

You will have to train for about a year before you are ready for a career as a massage therapist. Certification is required in many states before you can begin legal operations. Jobs will be available at private offices, nursing homes, hospitals, shopping malls and sports facilities. As a massage therapist, you will have to provide massages to a variety of body parts and muscles to relieve stress or pain and promote circulation.  

Medical Billing and Coding

On-the-job or educational training for medical billing and coding usually lasts for a year and a half. Similar to the job of a medical assistant, you will have to work in a dentist’s or physician’s office as a medical biller and coder. You will be trained to use a formalized coding system to maintain records of the patients and will also have to handle insurance forms and medical claims.  

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